Newly Married Indian Bride robs In-Laws & Blackmails Them

A newly married Indian bride from Uttarakhand robbed her in-laws and fled. After stealing from them, the woman started blackmailing them.

Newly Married Indian Bride robs In-Laws & Blackmails Them f

the family discovered that the valuables had gone missing.

An Indian bride stole cash and jewellery from her in-laws just days after getting married.

While the woman is originally from the city of Roorkee, Uttarakhand, the incident took place in Kotwali, Uttar Pradesh.

After making off with the valuables, the woman’s husband and in-laws found out and attempted to file a police complaint. However, the bride then began blackmailing them by threatening to register a false case against them.

The unnamed groom explained that he got married to a young woman from Roorkee sometime in 2019.

After staying with the in-laws for a few days after marriage, the woman decided to leave the house.

One night when everyone was asleep, the woman took a large sum of cash and several lakhs worth of jewellery before fleeing the scene.

The next day, the family members became concerned and began searching for her. The Indian bride was eventually found.

When the husband asked her to return home, she refused.

Upon returning home, the family discovered that the valuables had gone missing. They soon realised that the bride had stolen them.

They later found out that they were not the first victims. The woman had a court marriage with another man in 2018 before running away with valuables.

The family confronted the woman and demanded her to return the cash and jewellery.

However, when the family planned to file a police complaint, the woman blackmailed them.

She demanded Rs. 20 Lakh (£21,700). The woman went on to tell them that she would implicate them in a false case if they failed to hand over the money.

After putting up with the ordeal for almost a year, the family decided to approach the police.

On Thursday, February 6, 2020, the husband and his parents went to the civil lines police station and explained their ordeal to officers.

After demanding action, a police case was registered.

The officer-in-charge Amarjeet Singh confirmed that a case was registered and the matter is currently being investigated.

This incident is a case of Indian brides stealing from their in-laws just days after their marriage. It is something which is increasing in India.

In one case, a new bride robbed her husband and in-laws after drugging them.

During the wedding celebrations, the woman drugged her in-laws by mixing an unknown substance in their food and serving it to them.

One victim explained that when they woke the next day, they found out that Rs. 16,000 (£185) and some jewellery had gone missing.

After explaining that the bride was also gone, a case was registered.

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