Newly Wed Indian Wife drugs In-Laws and Robs Them

A newly married Indian wife was responsible for drugging her in-laws. She then made off with a number of valuables which belonged to them.

Newly Wed Indian Wife drugs In-Laws and Robs Them f

"The bride had mixed intoxicants with food and served it to the family"

An Indian wife identified as Pooja stole cash and jewellery from her in-laws after drugging them. She was newly married, having tied the knot on August 2, 2019.

Pooja, of Bareilly, married Sanjay, a resident of Jhanjhanpur.

According to the police, the bride ran away with the cash and jewellery while her in-laws were still celebrating the marriage.

The case came to light when Pradeep, a relative of Sanjay, visited the house.

He found the family lying unconscious. He immediately rushed them to a district hospital where they later woke up. At the same time, he alerted the police about the incident.

Officers arrived at the house and searched it. During the investigation, they discovered that the valuables had gone missing.

Upon recovering, Sanjay’s family confirmed that their daughter-in-law had run away with Rs. 16,000 (£185) in cash and some jewellery.

It was revealed that Pooja had drugged her in-laws by mixing it in their food and serving it to them.

Circle Officer Rajesh Kumar explained the situation:

“The families of the bride and groom knew each other through a relative and the marriage was fixed for August 2.

“The bride had mixed intoxicants with food and served it to the family after which the entire family was unconscious.”

Sanjay said: “We were all having a great day after the two of us got married. We had our food and fell asleep.

“Hours later, when we woke up, we realised that we were intoxicated and found that Pooja had robbed all our valuables.”

It is believed that the Indian wife robbed her in-laws as she was desperate for money. Pooja came from her poor family.

Sanjay’s brother Rajpal explained: “The girl belonged to a very poor family and we had given Rs. 20,000 (£230) to her family before the wedding.”

The police have said that they have formed a team to search for and arrest the absconding bride. They are further investigating the matter.

CO Kumar concluded: “We are in search of the bride and still investigating the matter. We will take strict action against her.”

There have been a number of cases in India and Pakistan where a bride has robbed her husband and run away.

A Pakistani bride was married to a 70-year-old man. He gave her Rs. 70,000 (£810) and expensive jewellery.

On their wedding night, she allegedly mixed sleeping pills in his drink. When he went unconscious, she made off with the valuables.

When he woke the next day, he discovered that his 28-year-old wife had gone.

He informed the police about the incident. Officers registered a case and searched for the absconded bride.

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