Newly Married Indian Woman found Dead & In-Laws suspected

A newly married woman from Jharkhand was found dead. According to her relatives, they suspect that the in-laws were responsible.

Newly Married Indian Woman found Dead & In-Laws suspected f

They discovered Anjali's body in one of the bedrooms.

A case of murder has been registered in Jharkhand after a newly married woman was found dead.

The victim was identified as 20-year-old Anjali Kumari. The incident took place in the city of Koderma.

It was revealed that the matter came to light on March 2, 2020, when locals heard rumours that Anjali was dead. They informed the police and they arrived at the scene.

Officers went into the in-law’s house and found Anjali’s body in a room.

Upon seeing her body, Anjali’s family were enraged. Friends were also angry and they demanded justice. They started throwing stones at the house but the police were able to calm the situation down.

Anjali’s family have claimed that the in-laws were responsible for her murder.

Her mother, Pramila Devi, filed an application which stated that her daughter had been married recently. Anjali got married in April 2019 to a man named Ravi Kumar Rana.

According to Pramila, the in-laws began demanding a bike as dowry just days after the wedding.

When Anjali said she could not give them one, they allegedly beat and tortured her. Ravi allegedly threatened to kill her numerous times.

Anjali’s family knew about the abuse and tried to convince the in-laws to settle the dispute. However, it was to no avail.

On the morning of March 2, it was reported that Anjali was dead.

Officers entered the house and searched the rooms. They discovered Anjali’s body in one of the bedrooms.

Meanwhile, Ravi and the in-laws were nowhere to be found.

Anjali’s family heard the news and turned up at the house. When they saw officers bringing out the body, they noticed injury marks around the neck as well as blood coming out of her nose.

Police believe that the newly married woman was killed on March 1, 2020.

Pramila said that her daughter was strangled to death by her in-laws for dowry.

She accused Anjali’s husband Ravi, father-in-law Prince Rana, mother-in-law Basanti Devi and brothers-in-law, Deepu Rana and Shashi Rana of murder.

A case of murder was registered against the accused and police are currently searching for their whereabouts.

Officers sent Anjali’s body for a post-mortem. Officer-in-charge Shivbalak Prasad Yadav confirmed that a murder case was registered.

He went on to say that an investigation is ongoing but the truth about Anjali’s death will be revealed once they have received the post-mortem report.

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