Have Hardik Pandya & Natasa Stankovic Split Up?

A viral Reddit post has claimed that Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasa Stankovic have parted ways after four years of marriage.

Have Hardik Pandya & Natasa Stankovic Split Up f

"something is definitely off between both of them.”

There are rumours that Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasa Stankovic have parted ways.

The pair got married in May 2020 and welcomed their first child in July of that year.

Hardik and Natasa renewed their vows in a lavish ceremony in February 2023.

However, a Reddit post titled Natasa and Hardik separated? is grabbing attention.

The Reddit user speculated that they have split up after noticing differences on their Instagram profiles.

The post read: “This is just a speculation. But both of them aren’t posting each other on stories (Instagram Stories).

“Earlier, Natasa used to have Natasa Stankovic Pandya on her Instagram, but now she completely removed his name.

“Her birthday was on 4th March, and there was no post from Hardik on that day; she also removed all recent posts of her and Hardik except the one where Agastya was with them.

“Also, she isn’t seen in stands this IPL or post stories regarding the team.

“While Krunal and Pankhuri still comment on her posts, but something is definitely off between both of them.”

This prompted a wave of reaction, with some believing the claims.

One said: “Not surprised at all.”

Another was seemingly disappointed, writing:

“I too think so, recently she has been posting a lot about her faith and quotes like it’ll work out etc though through her stories it’s clear that she’s still living in the Pandya house.

“I understand keeping a low profile and not interacting with her on Instagram but she even removed the Pandya surname from her name on Instagram, that deepens my suspicions.

“Really loved their entire family together, hope it isn’t true.”

Natasha and hardik separated?
byu/Middle_Complaint_947 inBollyBlindsNGossip

One person bluntly said: “Hardik cheats on her. And that he was seen in London with some other girl.”

Others stated it was too early to speculate on the couple’s relationship status, with one saying:

“But she hasn’t deleted all the pics with him so as of now I think it is too early to speculate.”

“With regards to the IPL thing, I think Hardik must have asked her not to be part of it as she was being trolled anyways just because she is his partner.”

Another felt the social media changes were due to the trolling from cricket fans.

The user wrote: “I think it’s because of the IPL trolling and hate that Hardik has been getting and maybe he’s asked her to stay lowkey.

“People in this country are very quick to insult or give threats to the wives of cricketers.

“The way people harassed Dhoni’s 5-year-old daughter back then. Maybe they’re just being cautious.”

Some Reddit users dismissed the rumours as fake news, stating that Hardik Pandya was spotted exiting a car with his family and child and they looked happy.

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