Indian Man makes Suicide Threat to Father to Marry Daughter

An Indian man from Andhra Pradesh told a father that he would commit suicide unless he was given permission to marry his daughter.

Indian Man makes Suicide Threat to Father to Marry Daughter f

"he started threatening her that he would commit suicide."

An Indian man has been arrested for trying to force a man into letting him marry his daughter by threatening to commit suicide.

The 25-year-old man was in love with a 23-year-old woman and wanted to marry her.

When he asked her father for his blessing, he refused. This led the man to threaten suicide in an attempt to change the father’s mind.

The matter came to light when the spurned lover was involved in two car accidents.

He told the father that he was thinking about his daughter when the accidents happened. The man then demanded Rs. 16 Lakh (£17,000) as compensation.

At that point, the harassment angered the father and he decided to register a police complaint.

The accused was identified as Shivakumar Naik, a resident of Andhra Pradesh.

According to police, Naik and the young woman had become friends in Vijayawada. Whenever they spent time with each other, Naik would take photos of the two together.

Naik used to work for a private company but later quit for unknown reasons.

The woman’s father did not approve of Naik’s desire to marry his daughter because she was studying while he was unemployed.

The girl’s father alleged that the pictures were taken without permission and following the rejection, Naik harassed them.

He also said he would commit suicide unless the marriage was approved.

The father explained: “Naik befriended my daughter last year and without her knowledge, he took her photos.

“He then started forcing my daughter to marry him and when I rejected the proposition, he started threatening her that he would commit suicide.

“He threatened to share the photos and videos of them to our family and relatives.

“He would follow us to our apartment and threaten us.”

Following the suicide threats, the Indian man was involved in two car accidents.

He only suffered minor injuries but demanded compensation from the girl’s father as he said the accidents happened while he was thinking about his daughter.

A police officer said: “Naik had met with two road accidents, both in cars and told them that he was thinking about her due to which he met with the accidents and hence her father should compensate him with Rs. 16 Lakh.”

Based on the father’s complaint, a case was registered and Naik was arrested.

Bangalore Mirror reported that he was booked under Sections 354D (stalking), 385 (extortion) and 506 (criminal intimidation) under the Indian Penal Code.

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