Indian Woman ‘makes’ Man Marry Her after Suicide Attempt

An Indian woman residing in Maharashtra pressured a man into marrying her. The man married her after she attempted to take her own life.

Indian Woman 'makes' Man Marry Her after Suicide Attempt f

his refusal has led her to commit suicide.

In a bizarre incident, an Indian woman got married after she made her groom tie the knot with her.

The man initially refused to get married which led to the unnamed woman carrying out a suicide attempt. This pressured him to wed the woman.

The incident happened in the town of Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra.

The wedding took place at the hospital where the woman was recovering. However, after the ceremony, the young man went on the run.

Police have identified the man as Sooraj. It was reported that Sooraj and the woman were lovers.

The woman wanted to get married to her boyfriend but he refused. Over time, she gradually became more desperate to tie the knot.

Once again she asked to marry Sooraj but he refused. This prompted her to take extreme action.

Outside his house, the Indian woman shouted her desire to get married. She went on to say that his refusal has led her to commit suicide.

The woman then drank a large quantity of phenylephrine which eventually caused her to collapse.

Phenylephrine is a medication which is typically used as a decongestant to treat a blocked nose and sinus congestion caused by the common cold.

It is usually harmless but side effects include dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeat and nausea.

It was reported that the woman drank a large dose of phenylephrine. Locals saw the woman lying on the ground and rushed her to a hospital.

She was taken to the intensive care unit where she underwent treatment. The woman survived the suicide attempt which doctors felt would be unlikely based on the amount of phenylephrine that she consumed.

Locals had explained what had happened and a social organisation was informed.

Activists of the organisation managed to locate Sooraj and explained what had happened.

They then forced him to go to the hospital and demanded that he marry his lover.

Sooraj later obliged and married the young woman. However, following the wedding, he got up and walked out of the hospital, leaving his new wife.

The woman’s family then filed a police complaint, making several allegations against him.

A police team led by Inspector Prakash Rathore registered a case. He said that a case of cheating and rape had been registered against Sooraj.

He went on to say that a search is on to locate his whereabouts.

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