Tirthanand Rao breaks silence on Suicide Attempt

After trying to take his own life on Facebook Live, Tirthanand Rao broke his silence on the attempt and the reason for it.

Tirthanand Rao breaks silence on Suicide Attempt f

"I am facing financial problems and my family has also left me."

Tirthanand Rao has broken his silence on his suicide attempt.

Tirthanand, who previously worked with Kapil Sharma, hosted a Facebook Live session and stated that a woman was to blame for his plight.

He said he was in a live-in relationship with her and she began threatening and blackmailing him.

Tirthanand said the woman put him in Rs. 4 Lakh (£3,800) worth of debt.

In the video, Tirthanand then took out a bottle of insect repellant, poured it into a glass and drank it.

His friends came across the video and rushed to contact the nearest police station, informing them of the shocking incident.

They went to his home and found him unconscious. Tirthanand was then taken to hospital.

After treatment, he released a statement:

“I live in Mira Road with my partner, after the incident where I attempted suicide, I was rushed to a hospital but now I am home and I am alright.”

Tirthanand Rao has now spoken about the matter, stating that he is fed up of the woman’s “torture”.

He said: “When the cops called her, she just said ‘Let him die, I was anyways leaving him’ and hung up the phone.

“She has filed several false cases against me and demands money and valuable things in return when I ask her to withdraw the fake cases.”

He explained that she wants a share of his estate, adding that he recently gave her a phone worth Rs. 2 Lakh (£1,900).

Admitting that the suicide attempt was a last resort, Tirthanand said:

“The poison spread all across the body, but it was thankfully treated in time.

“I am ashamed of my actions but I had no option left.”

“I just want that woman to withdraw her fake cases and set me free from all this. I have spent all my money and I cannot even concentrate on my work.

“Yes, I consumed poison. I am facing financial problems and my family has also left me.

“When I was admitted to the hospital, my mother and brother did not even reach to see me.

“We live in the same complex, but family members do not even talk to me. Even after coming from the hospital, I am staying alone at home. What could be worse than this?”

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