Ushna Shah receives Flak for Cyclone Joke

Ushna Shah made a joke about Cyclone Biparjoy but her tweet did not go down well among social media users.

Ushna Shah receives Flak for Cyclone Joke f

"God forbid if the plane crashes and I don’t make it"

Ushna Shah came under fire for making a joke about Cyclone Biparjoy.

The ongoing cyclone has caused gale force winds and heavy rain to lash coastal parts of northwest India and southern Pakistan.

Prior to its arrival, more than 170,000 people in the two countries were evacuated to safety.

Forecasters say it could be the area’s worst storm in 25 years and warned it threatens homes and crops in its path.

Due to this, many are concerned about the potentially devastating impact of the cyclone.

But Ushna Shah made light of the situation, sarcastically allowing her husband Hamza Amin to find another wife in case her flight “crashes”.

She added that she wants her husband to know that a new wife would never be as “awesome” as her.

Ushna tweeted: “My flight to Karachi is taking off and there is a Cyclone warning there.

“I just want my husband to know that God forbid if the plane crashes and I don’t make it, I hope he finds happiness with someone new one day and I hope he knows she will never be as awesome as me.

“He will have settled.”

Expecting to face backlash for her tweet, Ushna added a disclaimer that read:

“It’s really sad that I have to give this disclaimer but I do: this is a joke.”

As expected, Ushna was criticised for making a joke about something that has affected thousands of people.

One wrote: “This is ridiculous… it’s a cyclone, not a joke.

“You are a mature person, I think you are a star, it doesn’t suit you to talk like that.”

Claiming she was making such comments to stay relevant, another said:

“I think she has lost the plot, clearly doesn’t know what to do to be in discussion.”

“She fears that by living in Europe with her husband she might get forgotten so hence these lame jokes.”

A third wrote: “I’m all for leftism and dark humour but not only is this cringeworthy, it’s also insensitive.”

The tweet prompted Ushna to respond with a GIF, suggesting she did not care what people had to say.

One user said Ushna’s husband might go ahead and marry another woman.

The user wrote: “Ushna, you never know men. He might marry someone, taking your tweet as permission.”

Ushna Shah previously faced backlash for allegedly bullying a blogger for bringing a guest to her wedding.

After explaining her perspective on the entire scenario, Ushna said she would be taking a social media break.

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