Adah Sharma receives Flak for ‘Bold’ Bappi Lahiri Comparison

Adah Sharma took to Facebook and posted a bold picture of herself alongside the late Bappi Lahiri, asking: “Who wore it better?”

Adah Sharma receives Flak for 'Bold' Bappi Lahiri Comparison f

"Don’t compare yourself with a legend"

Actress Adah Sharma received a lot of backlash after uploading a collage featuring herself and the late Bappi Lahiri.

Adah took to Facebook to share the post.

On the left featured a picture of Bappi wearing his iconic gold jewellery.

On the right-hand side was a picture of Adah also sporting several gold rings and chains whilst flaunting her cleavage, wearing just an orange blazer.

Her caption read: “Who wore it better?”

Adah’s post angered a lot of social media users, with many saying it was “in very bad taste”, given that Bappi Lahiri had just passed away.

One person said: “Comparing for fun is different, but just after someone’s demise?

“Sorry, but I thought only your movies were trash, looks like you have an even trashier upbringing and person.”

Another stated: “This is so disrespectful.”

Some people criticised the actress for comparing herself to a legend.

One person wrote: “Don’t compare yourself with a legend just for 5 seconds of fame.”

Another said: “You are comparing yourself with an icon who sets his own trend of wearing gold and sunglasses, sorry Adah you are nothing.”

A third said: “Never expected this from you Adah. What makes you so proud that you are comparing yourself with this divine soul.”

Others took the opportunity to troll Adah for her head-turning outfit.

One person commented: “But he’s not exposing some ‘boobies’.”

Another advised: “Buy clothes instead of chains.”

Another comment read:

“He wore it better because you forgot to button up your shirt.”

Bappi Lahiri tragically passed away at the age of 69 on February 15, 2022, due to OSA (obstructive sleep apnea).

Adah Sharma previously caused controversy when she shared a video of herself singing and dancing next to a British guard stationed at Windsor Castle.

In the video, the actress sings and dances before the guard abruptly marches off.

Netizens were not impressed by the actress’ video and flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One user wrote: “This is really bad, not funny, have some manners.”

Another added: “This is the worst tourist behaviour, so embarrassing.”

A third commented: “Why would you do this? Have some respect.”

The criticism prompted Adah to respond:

“Friends and my dear countrymen, lend me your ears.

“Photography was allowed here and this video was shot with full assent taken from all quarters.

“The tourism campaign team asked me to sing a song. I chose to sing in Hindi.

“This video was shot pre-Covid times.”

Adah has been in Hindi and South Indian films.

Her last film was Commando 3 in 2019, which starred Vidyut Jammwal.

Dhiren is a News & Content Editor who loves all things football. He also has a passion for gaming and watching films. His motto is to "Live life one day at a time".

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