Priyanka Chopra reacts to “Terrifying” Russia-Ukraine Crisis

In a lengthy Instagram post, Priyanka Chopra expressed her anguish over the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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“The situation unfolding in Ukraine is terrifying."

Priyanka Chopra has reacted to the “terrifying” Russia-Ukraine crisis, issuing a request for help for the Ukrainian people.

In the early hours of February 24, 2022, Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine, throwing the lives of civilians into disarray.

Many have called for help to be given to Ukraine and this includes Priyanka Chopra.

The actress took to Instagram and pleaded on behalf of UNICEF to help Ukraine, calling the situation “terrifying”.

She also shared news coverage of Ukrainian subways transformed into underground bunkers by civilians so that they can stay safe during the conflict.

In the post, Priyanka wrote: “The situation unfolding in Ukraine is terrifying.

“Innocent people living in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, while trying to navigate the uncertainty of the immediate future.

“It’s difficult to comprehend how in the modern world this could escalate to such a catastrophic point, but this is a consequential moment that will reverberate around the world.”

Asking people to help Ukrainian civilians, Priyanka continued:

“There are innocent lives living in this warzone. They are just like you and me.

“Here is more info at the link in my bio about how to assist the people of Ukraine.”

Other Bollywood stars have also expressed their anguish over the situation.

Sonu Sood called for the Indian Embassy in Ukraine to help find another way for the evacuation of stranded Indians.

He had tweeted: “There are 18,000 Indian students and many families who are struck in Ukraine, I am sure Government must be trying their best to get them back.

“I urge Indian Embassy to find an alternate route for their evacuation.”

“Praying for their safety. #IndiansInUkraine.”

Tillotama Shome said: “I worry incessantly for my mother who is battling cancer in the midst of covid.

“But when I think of the families and cancer patients in the middle of war, my brain just ceases to comprehend.

“Nothing absolutely nothing is uglier than war. Mothers don’t give life for war.”

Richa Chadha also reacted to the ongoing conflict, writing:

“Every annexation/withdrawal of troops that push a country back into the Dark Ages/new data privacy rules, everything that’ll happen now will happen to ‘further democracy’ and in ‘national interest’.

“If people don’t fight for freedom, we’ll be glorified serfs again.”

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