Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a great way to add a personal touch to the bride and groom’s day. DESIblitz narrows down special and creative favours fit for a wedding!

wedding favours

In reality, there is a sea of options when it comes to mithai.

Wedding favours are the last thing on the bride and groom’s mind, but the first thing on your guest’s mind.

Although the bigger stress of the big day is the venue, decoration, food etc., it is the small minute details, like wedding favours, that always leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedding favours are one of the key ways to personalise your special day, adding a personal touch to each guest from the bride and groom.

Over the years, many creative individuals have taken it upon themselves to create unique, jaw-dropping wedding favours that will stun your guests.

DESIblitz narrows down the top 6 creative ideas for wedding favours, along with many tips, ideas and vendors you can use.

Mini Mehndi Cones

mini mehndi cones wedding favours

Mehndi, also known as Henna is the art of painting. It is a form of temporary tattoo which is usually applied to the hands and feet of a bride or groom.

The rich mehndi leaves a beautiful red/brown stain which can last up to two weeks.

For this idea, DESIblitz suggests bulk buying small cellophane cones and Mehendi tubes. Then filling the clear cones with the Mehendi and tying a knot at the top.

To add a personal touch, create personalised stickers with the names of the guests and present as a form of wedding favours.

This idea could also be used at a mehndi party as it will fit well with the theme.

Mithai Boxes

Barfi Wedding Favours

Mithai (Indian confectionary) is a MUST during South Asian weddings. Whilst it seems very simple, in reality, there is a sea of options when it comes to mithai.

There are the traditional sweets like jalebi, gulab jamun, barfi or rasmalai, but there are also many more mithai flavours that are just as colourful and flavourful.

Mithai is a sweet Indian snack. It also considered as a warm and honest gesture and is often used to express the happiness of any occasion.

If you are sticking to this traditional method of wedding favours then DESIblitz would advise choosing a mithai which has less ghee (clarified butter) in it.

This will prevent the oil from leaking through the packing, especially if it is a summer wedding.

There are many mithai companies who can cater to your needs but some extraordinary South Asian cooks have pushed the boat out to make your special day even more special with the unique flavours.

One of the companies is, Barfia. They are a London based company specialising in good quality homemade confectionery. They have unique flavours which will keep your guests wanting more.

Some of their Barfi flavours include PB Jelly, Butter Scotch Sundae, Bubblegum, New York Cheesecake Barfi, and Rasberry and White Chocolate.

Mini Chutney Jar

mini chutney jar wedding favour

We are aware that no South Asian meal is complete without some form of chutney or pickle. So, why not give your guests the ‘at home’ feeling by providing them with a mini pickle/chutney jars!

They can either enjoy this with their meal with or take it home with them. Adding colourful ribbons or labels to the ready-made jars can personalise them with little effort.

For the creative Desi’s you can even re-create this idea at home. You will need small glass jars, ideally 42ml (bigger, if you want to fill more into the jar). Then fill with your chosen choice of chutney.

For many Desi’s, mango or coconut in chutney is a popular choice. The rejuvenating and fresh flavours they contain make them the perfect accompaniment to a meal.

An advantage of using chutney or pickle is that it can be made the night before and does not need to be stored in a fridge, you can leave it out at room temperature.


You can also fill the jars with any choice of jam if you do not want to serve with chutney/pickle.  

Bottling up Nimbu Pani

Wedding favours

These sweet little bottles are ideal for giving your guests something a little bit different.

The refreshing little favours can be used for a number of events, but we think they make the most perfect wedding favours.

In the same way that you can personalise the jars of chutney, you can also personalise these little bottles. Hanging a note around the head of the bottle or adding a label gives them a dainty and thoughtful touch.

From the Champagne and Gifts company you can pick up these adorable and refreshing jewels or you could make your own drink at home.

Making your own gives you the freedom to choose from a host of popular Indian drinks.

We recommend making Nimbu Pani, a variation on lemonade that uses salt, saffron, cumin and ginger juice.

You can adapt the recipe to the taste of yourself and your guests. Once made, you need only pour the mixture into the bottles and add a label, then your special favours are ready!

Jalebi in A Jar

jalebi in a jar wedding favour

This unique concept has been inspired by readymade brownie mix. It is highly popular as a form of a gift, served in a glass bottle/jar.

Regularly, the jar is filled with the raw components of a brownie and sealed. The receiver just has to add the wet ingredients which would be mentioned on the bottle, then bake and serve.

At DESIblitz we have taken this concept and adapted it to suit Desi guests. Instant jalebi mix is readily available at Asian supermarkets.

Add the packet mix into a jar, create a label with instructions on how to create the mix and seal with a lid.


For an added special touch, stick a traditional Indian flower on top of the lid. This will add a special touch to the wedding favours.

For an ethnic touch try adding a Genda Phool (Marigold) on top, this is a flower which is commonly used in Indian weddings.  

Individual Meetha Paan

individual meetha paan wedding favour

It is a South Asian tradition to chew on paan as a palate cleanser or mouth freshener.

Meetha means sweet and paan is a beetle leaf. The two main ingredients found in paan is Beetle leaf and Areca nut.

Whilst ‘sweet beetle leaf’ may not sound mouthwatering, the powerful flavour is perfectly suited for cleansing the palate after eating.

However, to personalise or adjust to taste, additional ingredients can be added. This includes the delightful flavours found in fennel, rose preserve, roasted coconut, raisins and cardamom.

Meetha paan is individually wrapped and placed in favour boxes. These boxes create a unique gift for the guest to enjoy after the food.

More Ideas

As well as these creative favours, you can also of course stick to traditional and quick wedding favours, such as sweet cones.

To add a unique twist to this traditional wedding favour, you can personalise the packaging on the sweets.

Adding the bride and groom’s name or initials is one way of making the favours memorable.

All of the ideas mentioned above will make creative wedding favours that will keep your guests intrigued.

These ideas can also be used on numerous occasions such as mehndi parties, birthdays or even bridal showers.

Yeasmin is currently studying BA Hons in Fashion Business and Promotion. She is a creative individual who enjoys fashion, food and photography. She loves everything Bollywood. Her motto is: "Life's too short to overthink, just do it!"

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