Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy

Alcohol is not always needed to enjoy drinks and have a good time! Non-alcoholic drinks have surged in the drinks market. DESIblitz brings you the top of the crop in non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy.

What can be more satisfying then celebrating the evening and knowing that tomorrow will be hangover free?

The British Asian society bears a strong stigma towards alcoholism. More and more British Asians now choose to drink alcohol-free beers and wines for refreshments.

Great news for non-alcoholics that there are many fab indulging alternatives without any comprise on taste. With plenty of satisfying non-alcoholic drinks available for a great celebration experience non-drinkers can still opt for an ordinary taste for a happening party.

Therefore we have picked some of the best non-alcoholic drinks that will give the same warming spirit for your evening without the hangovers!

Peter Spanton No 5 Lemongrass Tonic, £18.98 for 24x200ml
Peter Spanton
An exciting choice in the tradition of non-alcoholic evenings. No 5 Lemongrass Tonic is an exhibited masterpiece creation by Peter Spanton. He inspired to create enjoyable alcohol-free drinks Peter Spanton No. 5 is considered to be a contemporary touch with classical tonic trend. A desirable non-alcoholic drink with premier quality of refreshing flavours of crispy lemongrass and zesty essence orange peel.

The sour senses surely satisfy the taste buds and active the party’s atmosphere. The consistency of this alternative alcoholic drink is nevertheless complementary to be one of the best choices for the evenings. Ideal for standard Gin & Tonic alternatives. Other ranges include Tonic Peter Spanton Nº1 London Tonic, Tonic Peter Spanton Nº3 Cardamom and Tonic Peter Spanton Nº4 Mint & Bitters.

Luscombe Wild Elderflower Bubbly, £5.99 for 4x32cl
Luscombe Elderflower
A classic sparkling non-alcoholic drink Luscombe has the perfect elderflower touch, a refreshing hint of lime, Sicilian lemonade, and a spicy ginger crush. Luscombe is a great alternative with little to no comprise on the same sparkling uplifting taste as an alcoholic drink. The tremendous bubbly flavours are a perfect match with almost any evening meals. The tangy aromas are utterly relaxing yet the exciting delightful traditional textures are absolutely divine for a perfect party feel.

With a diverse range of favours to choose from such as the Apple & Ginger and Apple & Apricot. A satisfying measures of sweetness and spices that create a depth of flavours.

Luscombe has won the Great Taste Gold 2010 award and The Taste of the West Silver Award.

Amé Grape and Apricot, £2.29 for 750ml
Ame Grape & Apricot
An uplifting delightful drink from Britvic. A beautiful blend of grape, apricot, and herbal extracts. The fruity indulging flavours will surely fulfil the satisfaction of the evening.

Sparkling with natural herbal extract and fruit juices, Ame is considered to be a natural substitute for non-alcoholics. With a delicacy of an oriental inspiration Amé is a perfect
complement to the evening. The crusty Grape & apricot are wonderfully intensifying and stimulating creating ideal refreshment.

The apricot flavour is utterly refreshing yet do not opt out on other delicious flavours including raspberry and blackberry, orange and grape, and a zesty elderflower with lemon.

The choices of favours are delicate Refreshing and not too overpowering, as it goes well with a meal or just on its own.

A winner of the Clio award Fasson label of the year, won the best of British design award and the American taste award of excellence.

Feel Good Peach Bellini cocktail, £2.49 for 750ml

A cooling cocktail for a warming party feel. The Peach Bellini is a delight blend of energising tropical fruit fun including peach, apple, raspberry, orange, lemon, and the tropical berry acerola. This alternative to alcoholic drinks is wealthy in natural goodness and ticks the box for your five a day intake.

With an incredible taste ranges this alternative can fit finely into almost any occasion. From a happening party to a relaxed evening Feel Good Peach Bellini cocktail is a chiller for a natural satisfaction.

A perfect component for a trendy party with many sizzling combinations for a fruity buzz so why not try the alcohol-free Buck’s fizz, mojito, or strawberry daiquiri. The cocktails can also double as a marvelous mixer.

James White Beet It £2.92 for 750ml
James White Beet It
James White’s Beet is blended with the finest refreshing Beetroot and apple. A charming sweet earthy taste of beetroot and a sweet hint of delicious apple juice. Sensationally sweet and surprisingly non-alcoholic James White Beet It is a energising mix of 100% natural goodness.

This dazzling classic non-alcoholic choice bursts with natural flavours for a fantastic festivity season. A deliciously rich drink for a vibrating non-alcoholic occasion but with a luxurious range of alternative choices make your evening more cheering. Like the electrifying Organic shot, Lively Beet It Sport and The uplifting Beet It with Ginger.

A sizzling bottle of may be very tempting for alcoholics but it’s never too late to opt out to accomplish a healthier lifestyle. Non-alcoholic drinks not only give you the alternative satisfaction to enjoy the occasion but help you challenge the negative health impacts of alcohol consumption.

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