5 Traditional Pakistani Drinks that are Good for You

Surprisingly tasty and refreshingly energetic, traditional Pakistani drinks are known for offering various health benefits.

Benefits of traditional Pakistani drinks

"Rooh Afza - one that enhances the spirit and uplifts the soul."

Traditional Pakistani drinks, healthy options that can still match your sugar-loaded cravings.

So before you gulp those fizzy liquids, consider changing things up with some Pakistani alternatives, that are cooling and far healthier.

Prepared from natural ingredients, these cultural drinks reflect the traditional atmosphere of its nation.

Start your day with a Pakistani sip, full of healthy mixtures, hydrating nutrients, and deliciousness!

DESIblitz looks into 5 of the many valuable drinks that are simply health-giving.


Benefits of Traditional Pakistani Drinks

Graciously packed with healthy flour, some traditional Pakistani drinks have a powdered taste.

Made from roasted barley or gram powder, Sattu satisfies you with a blend of water.

Barley and gram flour have traditionally been used for hair growth and skin benefits. Therefore, Sattu provides nutritional values for all.

Accordingly, it is considered as a vital nutrition for the growing needs of children. For this reason, its regular consumption contributes generously to the child’s growth of muscle mass.

Moreover, as Sattu carries iron and calcium elements, it replaces lost nutrients. Given this, it is beneficial for women during pregnancy and menstruation.

In effect, Sattu can be considered as a magic potion for the elderly. It can deal with many complications that arrive with old age. Sattu is ideal for maintaining a good digestive system and building muscle strength. Additionally, it fights constipation and treats acidity.

Another significant factor, this thick textured liquid is also good for diabetics. Sattu has a low glycemic index, helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

To further enhance the flavours of traditional Pakistani drinks, add freshly squeezed lemon and a pinch of brown sugar.

Create your own glass of Sattu regularly with this recipe.


Benefits of Traditional Pakistani Drinks

“Rooh Afzaone that enhances the spirit and uplifts the soul,” says its manufacturer, Hamdard Laboratories.

This recognised refreshing syrup of Pakistan is a combination of sugar, fruits, herbs,vegetables and natural extract of citrus flower.

Another great addition, are basil seeds. These seeds are known to treat diabetes. They lower the sugar levels and balance the digestive system. As a result, the combination of both will rejuvenate you with a high level of energy.

This gorgeous red coloured, richly textured and rose scented syrup bottle is widely available in the UK.

Used in a variety of ways, this drink is perfect for sweltering summers. Mix it with water as a soothing agent, or combine it with milk for a luxuriously irresistible milkshake. Uniquely, it can also become a dripping dessert topping.

Uniquely, it can also become a dripping dessert topping.

With its natural rosy perfumery, every sip of this aromatic drink will capture an enchanting taste.

Cooling the entire body with freshness and vitality, it’s extremely helpful in the treatment of fever. Helping to reduce the body heat.

Rooh-Afza gives more goodness with water, freshly squeezed lemon and basil seeds.

Try it in different ways from My Taste recipes here.

But, remember too much of anything is bad for you, and the same rings true for Rooh-Afza.


Benefits of Traditional Pakistani Drinks

Shikanjabeen, the most popular, beneficial, and easiest to make on the list.

This drink is an entirely refreshing mixture of water, lemon, and ice.

Start your day right, and replace your caffeinated drinks with this chilled refreshing lemon companion.

High in vitamin C, it stimulates your digestive track.

With some fresh mint leaves, a pinch of salt and sugar, treat yourself daily to health benefits.

American health study, A.D.A.M, suggested that drinking one-half cup of lemon juice every day increases citrate levels in the urine. As a result, this could protect against kidney stones.

Furthermore, lemons are an excellent example of an alkaline food that helps balance your body’s pH.

Click here for an easy to prepare recipe to replenish and refresh your body. The resulting Shikanjabeen will give you a sudden burst of energy!

Ganne Ka Ras

Benefits of Traditional Pakistani Drinks

Available all around street stalls, Ganne ka ras is popularly known as the national roadside drink of Pakistan.

Freshly pressed from raw sugarcane, through a mill machine, this drink has a fresh invigorating taste that satisfies the summer thirst.

Infused with a blend of black rock salt, ginger and lemon. This sweet splash can be spiced up for a bolder taste.

Ayurveda Medicine has praised sugarcane for its ability to rejuvenate and energise the body. For this reason, Ganne ka ras has been prescribed for treating the disease of jaundice. It helps revitalise the weakened liver.

Additionally, Ayurveda has also suggested that sugarcane juice has a laxative effect. Thereby, tending to improve evacuation of the bowels and reducing constipation.

Similarly, this juice is also high in minerals, helping to strengthen the teeth and gums.

When you visit Pakistan, try this unique blend and pamper yourself with its healthy benefits.


Benefits of Traditional Pakistani Drinks

Falsa, a small dark purple coloured berry fruit, which grows in Pakistan.

Neither too sweet or too tangy, its juice has a taste beyond description.

Its fresh flavours are garnished with mint leaves and a sprinkle of black salt and sugar.

With its medicinal uses, it is often advised for asthma and chest infections. Given this advantage, it can do well for the respiratory system.

Full of antioxidants, this liquid is also used to reduce the risk of cancer, control blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

These tiny fruits host to relieve heat conditions, reduce colds and coughs.

Equally important, falsa is rich in Vitamin C and low in sodium and fat.

Packed with nutritional values, you will enjoy falsa juice to the very last drop!

With no bitter aftertaste, it’s a must try on your visit to Pakistan.

Benefits of traditional Pakistani drinks

Traditional Pakistani drinks will help replenish your body and flush out harmful toxins, keeping you re-energised.

They share a lot of nutritional values, which serve as an excellent alternative for caffeinated and fizzy drinks.

However, fresh is best. If you ever visit Pakistan, you must try the roadside stalls offering these traditional Pakistani drinks.

Meanwhile, try remaking them with the ingredients that are available in the UK, with easy to follow recipes.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

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