10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste

Drinks make up a large part of cuisine and in Pakistan, there is a diverse range famed for their taste. We look at 10 of the best drinks in Pakistan.

10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste ft

It is one of those drinks that can attract anyone.

When it comes to the best drinks in Pakistan, it is almost guaranteed that it would be up for debate.

It would be ignorant to say that one drink can top them all. With the presence of various cultures and ethnicities, there are many different drinks as one can imagine.

The drinks, whether it be for a special occasion or on a day-to-day basis, are made with pure dedication.

Some drinks are served hot while others taste best cold. The popularity of some drinks has resulted in them being available in supermarkets.

But they do not offer an authentic taste compared to when it is made fresh. The taste is so much better.

This is due to the correct proportion of ingredients being blended together. When consumed, the flavour is delicious and it is what makes the drink highly enjoyed.

But what are some of the best-tasting drinks in Pakistan? DESIblitz looks at 10 of them in more detail.


10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - lassi

Lassi is one of the most popular drinks in South Asia so it is no surprise that many Pakistani people enjoy it.

It is mainly drunk after a heavy breakfast, whether it is halwa puri or naan chanay, lassi cannot be missed out.

It is one of those drinks that can attract anyone. Lassi is made by blending together yoghurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit.

Other ingredients are also added which is why there are many flavours like mango.

But makkhaniya is one of the best ones as it is sweetened with sugar. For a richer texture, chunks of butter are added to it.

This cold drink is best enjoyed during the summer. Every food corner that serves breakfast is likely to offer a large glass of sweet lassi.


10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - shikanji

Shikanji is a traditional limeade or lemonade which originated in the Punjab region but its delicious taste meant that it made its way throughout Pakistan.

It is made using lemon or lime juice, some ginger and sugar. The ingredients are mixed with cold water and served chilled.

The cold drink is one of the most popular beverages to have during the summer.

Not only will the sweet and slightly bitter taste quench the thirst but it has proven to be healthy.

High in vitamin C, it stimulates your digestive system. Furthermore, lemons are an excellent example of an alkaline food that helps balance your body’s pH.

Typically, shikanji is served by vendors at stalls and the flavour can be adjusted based on the preference of the customer.

Some may add a little salt or cumin for extra flavour but the overall taste makes it one of the most enjoyed drinks in Pakistan.


10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Pakistan as it is drunk during almost every occasion, whether it be at work, at home or in restaurants.

Tea, or chai, is served based on a person’s taste. Some like it strong while others may prefer it sweet. Sometimes people may choose to have it without milk or sugar.

Even though there are many types of tea, one popular variant in Pakistan is noon chai, which has a distinctive pink colour.

It tastes wonderful with or without sugar. It is served during winter and wedding events and a pinch of salt is added to it along with sugar.

Karak chai is preferred by those working long shifts as it gives the drinker more of a caffeine boost than other tea.

There are many variants of tea which is why it is an enjoyable drink in Pakistan.

Rooh Afza

10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - rooh

Rooh Afza is a recognisable and refreshing syrup which is a combination of sugar, fruits, herbs, vegetables and natural extract of citrus flower.

It has a vibrant red colour which makes it appealing to look at and it is usually added to cold milk or water.

Since it was created in 1906, it is a celebrated concentrated squash in Pakistan and can be easily found in any part of the country.

Rooh Afza is also used to make sharbat, a sweet drink made from fruits or flower petals.

Like most sweet drinks, Rooh Afza sharbat is best served cold to get a refreshing taste.

The rose flavour and cold temperature make it a cooling agent, helping to reduce body temperature.

Rabri Doodh

10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - rabri

Within South Asian dishes, a lot of milk, butter and sweeteners are used but when it comes to drinks, nothing can beat rabri doodh.

It is a thick and sweet drink/dessert that is mainly found in the Pakistani part of Punjab.

Rabri doodh is made with sweetened milk and mixed with vermicelli, butter, and topped with dry fruits.

For any special occasion, rabri doodh is a must. It can be directly drunk or consumed from a bowl as the consistency can be quite thick depending on how it is made.

The delicious layer of butter and dry fruits is what brings back lovers of the drink for more.

When it comes to the best rabri doodh, one must go to a vendor in Pakistan for the best experience.

Falsa Juice

10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - falsa

When summer takes a toll on the citizens of Pakistan, falsa juice is one drink they turn to. Not only is there a combination of sweet and sour flavours but it is also healthy.

Falsa is a dark purple berry which grows in Pakistan. The drink is made by blending the fruit with water.

It is then strained to get rid of any seeds and the result is a purple-coloured juice.

It is a cooling drink especially during the intense heat but it is also full of antioxidants. This drink is used to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Falsa is also high in vitamin C and low in sodium. With its medicinal uses, it is often advised for asthma and chest infections. Given this advantage, it can do well for the respiratory system.

Ganne Ka Ras

10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - sugarcane

Available all around street stalls, ganne ka ras (sugarcane juice) is popularly known as the national roadside drink of Pakistan.

Freshly pressed from raw sugarcane, through a mill machine, this drink has a fresh invigorating taste that satisfies the summer thirst.

Since gaining popularity on roadsides, the drink has made its way into shopping centres.

It may be sweet but it also has a soothing sensation which tastes great when it has been chilled.

The nutritious drink is also very cheap. At Rs. 20, many take the time to enjoy the drink.

For those who find the juice too sweet, they can always ask the vendor to add salt for a more balanced flavour. Ganne ka ras is one of the most well-known drinks in Pakistan.


10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - coffee

Coffee is mainly enjoyed in Pakistan during winter but some will drink it all year round.

Whether it’s black or a latte or an espresso, people enthusiastically make it at home or it is enjoyed in cafes.

There are very few brands of coffee available in Pakistan.

People who prefer coffee as a seasonal beverage tend to use instant coffee products.

There are different variations when it comes to serving coffee as some will have it will milk and sugar while others prefer to have it black.

While coffee is also consumed, it is the strong taste and warm, milky froth that attracts its lovers.


10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - falooda

Falooda is considered to be both a drink and a dessert but no matter how one describes it, falooda is enjoyed all over Pakistan.

It is a blend of rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil, and milk. The tall glass is usually finished with a scoop of delicious ice-cream.

It is simply one of the most delicious drinks/desserts that one can expect during the summer.

There is no certain recipe. As the drink is so diverse, there are many different recipes which can be created. Ingredients can be changed to create different flavours.

It is certain that falooda served in Karachi will be differently made by another vendor. But no matter the variation, the cooling drink guarantees a fantastic flavour.

Doodh Soda

10 Best Drinks in Pakistan known for Their Amazing Taste - doodh soda

One drink which is enjoyed during the summer and is easy to make at home is doodh soda (milk soda).

It is cold milk mixed with a fizzy drink like Sprite or Pakola, a line of carbonated drinks from Pakistan. It is then poured from glass to glass with ice, making it smoother and achieving a frothy consistency.

Sometimes a drizzle of fruit syrup is added but usually, some honey will do the trick.

The finished product is a drink with the creamy texture of milk but with the sweet flavour of the fizzy drink.

It may sound like an unusual combination but in Pakistan, people consider it to be a healthier alternative than just fizzy drink.

Doodh soda is also a refreshing counterpart to spicy food.

Many of these drinks are popular in many areas of Pakistan with many people visiting vendors for an authentic taste of them.

Even though there is a preference for cold drinks during the summer, many will still enjoy a hot cup of tea.

These 10 drinks are some of the most enjoyed in Pakistan as they appeal to a wide range of people.

The various flavours and preparation methods mean that there is something for everyone.

While they can be bought from a shop, the taste will not be the same as a drink which has been freshly made.

The authentic taste will guarantee to give your tastebuds wonderful flavours that might just become one of your favourite drinks.

Z. F. Hassan is an independent writer. He enjoys reading and writing on history, philosophy, art, and technology. His motto is “Live your life or someone else will live it”.

Images courtesy of Julia Gartland

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