5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss

Drinking the right kind of drinks can help with your weight loss. DESIblitz looks at five popular drinks known to be beneficial for your diet.

5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - f

Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent drink for weight loss

It”s a well-known fact that diet has a major role to play in weight loss. Part of that diet is what you drink. consuming the wrong kind of drinks can affect your weight quite dramatically.

Major culprits include full sugar drinks, pops and sodas, sweetened hot beverages, creamy hot drinks, and alcohol. Especially, alcohol and beers high in sugar.

Therefore, keeping your intake of sugary drinks limited is very important for your weight.

Always read the labels or the side of tins to make sure they are not bad for you. Always look under the carbohydrate section relating to sugars.

Conversely, we look at five healthy drinks that can help you lose and maintain a lower weight if you make them part of your regular diet.


5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - water

Yes, water is top of the list. There is nothing like drinking as much water as you can regularly. Today, there are so many brands of mineral water on the market, you are not stuck for choice.

A popular water drink is lemon juice added to water.

This has fresh lemon squeezed in it and often, slices added to it.

A warm version of this is great too. The temperature of the water can make a difference too, water at room temperature is easier to drink than excessively cold water.

As long as you drink water ideally on its own or part of other beverages like teas and coffee, it’s important to keep your intake as high as possible.

The usual eight glasses or one-litre guideline can be easily done by including water as part of other drinks.

Every kind of water counts but stay away from flavoured and sweetened water drinks. The good in these is outweighed by the sugar content.

Green Tea

5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - green tea

The popularity of Green tea as a fantastic healthy drink has grown over the years. Today it is widely accepted as a drink associated with help towards weight loss.

Green tea actually has been used for hundreds of years due to its numerous benefits, and weight loss is just one of them.

It is an excellent addition to your healthy diet and drinking it daily will deliver all the antioxidants you need and it will also help you burn fat at a faster pace, by boosting your metabolism.

Try and drink pure green tea as much as possible and avoid flavoured varieties. The leaf kind is the best.

Green tea helps to increase your overall energy levels and suppresses your appetite which is a key weight loss entity of the tea, thus, decreasing the amount of food you would normally consume on a daily basis.

Detox Drinks

5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - detox drinks

Detox drinks are an excellent way of helping you lose weight. Detox drinks are usually drunk for a specific period to help your body eliminate bad toxins. Doing this on a regular basis will help keep your body in check and help weight loss.

Detox drinks can be made with juices or drinks you make with water.

Detox drinks made with water usually include spices or herbs. For example, a well known Desi detox remedy is – in a cup of water, add 3-tablespoons of fresh lime or lemon juice, 1-tablespoon of honey and a ¼ tablespoon powdered black pepper, and drink this every day for at least three months.

Detox juices are made from fruits or vegetables or by combining these two. Citrus fruits are known to have a powerful detox capability. Root foods such as ginger, carrots or apples are also highly recommended for these juices, as they are high in fibre.

When buying prepared detox drinks be careful they are not ladened with ingredients which outweigh their benefits such as sugars – especially ingredients ending in “ose” which are usually not good for you e.g. fructose.

Pure Cranberry Juice

5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - cranberry juice

Pure cranberry juice not from concentrate or additives is a very good juice to add to your diet plan for weight loss. It”s less sweet and less acidic than many citrus juices and you can mix it with other beverages to enjoy it in a variety of ways.

Like Green tea, it is an excellent source of antioxidants and can help you hydrate too if mixed with water during your physical exercises.

It helps reduce cholesterol and therefore, should help with your cardiovascular health. Thus, allowing you to exercise harder to burn off even more fat and calories and to lose more weight.

Have a glass of cranberry juice before breakfast as it will help you feel fuller but do not miss breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent drink for weight loss. It has many properties including beta-carotene, which helps break down unwanted fat which is then removed from the body, thus resulting in weight loss.

Drinking Apple cider vinegar is also good for people with diabetes.

It is not advisable to drink apple cider vinegar raw, you should always dilute it with water. Mix 2 teaspoons with 8 ounces (225 grams, or one cup) of water. That”s the minimum amount of water for 2 teaspoons of the vinegar. You can add more water if you like.

The best type to have is the organic kind because it is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurised and contains about 5% acidity. As a tip, non-organic apple cider vinegar is clear in colour. But the raw type will contain strand-like sediment mostly at the bottom of the bottle.

Consuming any of these drinks mentioned can help towards your weight loss regime but can only work if your food is healthy and you take regular exercise to accompany healthy drinking.

Madhu is a foodie at heart. Being a vegetarian she loves to discover new and old dishes that are healthy and above all tasty! Her motto is George Bernard Shaw's quote 'There is no love sincerer than the love of food.'

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