Birdcages ~ A Decorative Trend at South Asian Weddings?

Birdcages have long been a popular wedding decoration. But, more recently, we’re noticing a Desi versatile spin on the vintage-themed wedding details.

Birdcages ~ A Decorative Trend at South Asian Weddings?

"I have kept one in my room, it reminds me of my wedding day."

Birdcages are no longer restricted to the kingdom of birds.

With evolving trends and attractions for exquisite wedding decors, birdcages have become a key detail, especially at South Asian weddings.

While these antique metal ornaments add a vintage touch to décor, they are also considered very symbolic. They represent marriage as a freedom. On the other hand, a birdcage also indicates imprisonment.

But, this decorative piece is a perfect prop for tables and floral centrepieces, adding a touch of romance to a vintage style, shabby chic wedding theme.

Yet, with the Desi touch, they can also be amalgamated with traditional wedding décor, and pair well as the Mehndi function candleholders. They can also be used to display wedding gifts or as a bridesmaid prop for a more unusual touch.

DESIblitz speaks to real South Asians brides and explores how they have used this object at their special occasions.

Centerpiece Arrangement

Birdcages - A Decorative Trend at South Asian Weddings - Image

Intricately wired, birdcages have become popular centrepieces at Desi weddings.

Filled with freshly-cut flowers or lit candles, they create a country garden appearance, adding charm to every table.

The white wire details reflect the wedding season and brighten the tables. While the lit candles add depth and magic to the room.

This, in turn, creates a beautiful atmosphere, delighting the guests and allowing them to feel a part of the wedding.

DESIblitz speaks to a real British-Pakistani bride, Fatima. She shares with us her special day birdcage theme decoration:

“It looked beautiful as part of my table decor, added a hint of vintage. It symbolises freedom and new beginnings.”

“I have kept one in my room, it reminds me of my wedding day.”

Given the bridal perspective, the birdcages seem to stand as a sentimental reminder of the occasion.

Meanwhile, noting their enchanting nature, they also appear to add an essence of rustic charm to the event.

Wedding Hamper and Gift Set

Birdcages ~ A Decorative Trend at South Asian Weddings - Image 2

Birdcages with their locking hook feature can be used as gift hampers.

Whether they are filled with jewellery, clothing, chocolates, toiletries, or even shoes and bags. They’re extremely lovable, to make Desi wedding gifts more magically special.

Hamper_Licious, a maker of gift hampers, told DESIblitz that the gifts add more value to the birdcage:

“Especially the engagement birdcage, where it holds the ring box with the engagement ring in it.

“They are created to gift someone who is getting engaged, for Mehndi events or even for Birthdays. In fact, birdcages can be created to suit any occasion, even for men. The customers absolutely love the idea! They think it’s unique and adds a special touch.”

DESIblitz speaks to another real bride, Nazma, a British-Bangladeshi. She explains how artistically her in-laws had displayed her engagement gifts inside a birdcage.

Birdcages ~ A Decorative Trend at South Asian Weddings

Nazma shared with DESIblitz an image from her special occasion.

It creatively presents a pair of shoes, a bag, and a stunning dress inside the birdcage. She says: “There is something special about adding gifts into a birdcage.”

“As an alternative to normal gift bags, the birdcage adds a tasteful element. It steps away from traditionalism. This gift presentation displays a classic allure. It is definitely an eye-catching piece.”

Mehndi Function Prop & Thaal

Birdcages- Image 2

Desis are known for making impressive Mehndi function entrances.

There is evidence of the colourful Thaal, a decorative tray to bring henna into the occasion. Traditionally, Thaals consist of henna, oil, flowers, mirrors, and candles.

Mini birdcages can also be used as the Thaal candle holders. The charming little birdhouses add a bit of vintage pop to an Asian setting.

Yet, more fascinatingly, bridesmaids can carry birdcages with candles down the aisle at Mehndi entrances.

Birdcages ~ A Decorative Trend at South Asian Weddings- Image 3

Another Pakistani bride, Hirrah, told DESIblitz: “We opted for a vintage entrance.

“My bridesmaids walked the ceremony aisle carrying birdcages decorated with pearls, flowers, and lit candles.”

“Each girl held onto their birdcage handle. It looked beautiful and enchanting.”

Birdcages vs Traditional South Asian Wedding Decoration

British Asians should be proud of their unique and colourful wedding themes. Usually in colours of red, with hints of gold. Many follow the traditional Mehndi color schemes, like yellow, pink and bright green.

Do the rustic birdcages challenge the traditional South Asian wedding decorations?

This could lead to a gradual fading of the cultural wedding concepts.

Do symbolic birdcages play into the overall Asian auspicious occasion of vibrancy?

We may result in seeing a new phase of South Asian wedding themes, inspired by the white vintage charm.

South Asians have certainly adopted westernised wedding cultures. But, have blended them with the Desi characteristics.

Nevertheless, birdcages are versatile decorative pieces, adding a fairytale element to your big day.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of: Official Instagram of Hamper_Licious, Real Brides, Signorina Fantasia, Yasin Photography, munaluchibridal, Uzbin Photography, Mid-South bride, flowerdesignstannes and genericface.

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