Fashion for Asian Weddings

Asian wedding fashion is a major aspect of a British Asian marriage. Designers and fashion houses are going the extra mile to make the special day even more special with stunning designs for both bride and groom.

asian wedding fashion

styles are now varying with a huge mix of Eastern and Western designs

Fashion and trends bring us changes in dress sense, style and look. British Asian weddings are a typical example where fashion is always a major part of the event. Especially, for the bride and now even the groom too! So, fashion houses and retailers are out to show how their designs and clothes will add that something special for a unique look at a wedding.

The trend of Asian Bridal shows is increasing which reflects that the demand is high for distinct, well designed and ‘different’ looking clothes. A point that is high on the agenda of the bride, groom and without doubt the guests too.

The increase in high street British Asian fashion stores which look more and more like chic designer boutiques offering one-off designs or exclusive clothes, shows how much the Asian fashion industry has changed in the UK to accommodate the demand.

Everyone likes to look good at a wedding and for women, especially, this gives them opportunity to buy and wear an outfit that they have not worn before – yes, that dilemma of wearing something new is always on a woman’s mind!

Asian weddings are not a single day affair, as pre-wedding parties, mehndi nights and post-wedding invites usually require not just one outfit but three or more!

The choices and styles are now varying with a huge mix of Eastern and Western designs and some choosing to focus on a pure Western style or specifically an Eastern look.

Naturally, a lot of the Eastern designs are from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and being imported into the UK but more and more designs are being created in the UK and then being manufactured abroad. Where, labour is more skilled and cheaper too.

Outfits for weddings can range from about £250 up to £thousands depending on the fabric, detail of design and uniqueness.

The trend for wedding dresses depicting a more Western style instead of the Eastern look for Asian brides has also made its way onto the catwalk. Therefore, giving much more choice to the would be bride.

To give you an example, of fashion for Asian weddings, DESIblitz has compiled videos and a photo gallery from a fashion show. The show was the Asian Bridal Fair held at the Molineux, Wolves FC. The clothes were supplied by Uma Fashions (Birmingham), Sequinze (Birmingham and London) and Kareena (Leicester). Enjoy!

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Here is a gallery of photos featuring different types of wedding fashion.

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