Father of 4 jailed after Wife foils Second Marriage attempt

A father-of-four from Jharkhand has been jailed after he planned to marry again. His wife foiled his second marriage attempt.

Father of 4 jailed after Wife foils Second Marriage attempt f

Yadav then locked her and their four children in a room

A man was imprisoned after his wife foiled his second marriage attempt. The incident took place in the district of Palamu, Jharkhand.

The father-of-four planned to get married on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

However, his wife was able to inform the police of his second marriage.

Rita Devi, aged 39, told police that her husband, Shambhu Yadav was in an illicit relationship with a young girl from Hariharganj and had intended to marry her.

Rita also alleged that her 44-year-old husband threatened her and tried to kill one of their children.

According to police, the illicit relationship had been going on for two years.

It was revealed that Yadav regularly beat his wife whenever she questioned him about the relationship.

On February 13, Yadav allegedly tried to murder their son Parashuram by feeding him chocolate which had been laced with poison.

After Rita found out what her husband tried to do, she confronted him.

However, he beat her. Yadav then locked her and their four children in a room at their house.

It was reported that Rita and the four children had been inside the room for three days before she was able to contact the police.

In her complaint, Rita revealed that Yadav planned to have a second marriage with a young girl.

Police were informed of Yadav’s location and quickly arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, another team of officers arrived at the house and freed the five victims.

Yadav was arrested and sent to prison.

Rita and Yadav were parents to Aarti, aged 14, Parashuram, aged 12, Anjali, aged eight, and Chandni, aged six.

While this is an extreme case, men marrying multiple wives is not uncommon in south Asian countries.

In Pakistan, a woman and her family beat her husband after she found out that he got married for the third time.

Madiha and her family turned up at the wedding reception in Karachi on the night of February 10, 2020.

She shouted at her husband and told the guests that she was Asif Rafiq’s first wife, whom she had married in 2014.

Madiha alleged that Rafiq got married to another woman without her consent. When she found out about the second marriage, Rafiq apologised and promised to stay with her.

Madiha believed him and promised him, however, Rafiq left her at her maternal home and remarried for the third time.

At the wedding reception, Madiha and her family confronted the man and beat him, tearing his clothes. The attack left Rafiq fleeing and using a table cloth to cover himself up.

The police were informed about the incident and arrived at the scene.

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