Indian Groom arrested for Second Marriage Attempt

In a bizarre incident, an Indian groom from Uttar Pradesh was arrested for attempting to get married for the second time.

Indian Groom arrested for Second Marriage Attempt f

He agreed and the wedding was set

An Indian groom was arrested for a second marriage attempt while still being married to his first wife.

Leading up to his second marriage, the man from Uttar Pradesh did not reveal the fact that he was already married and agreed to another wedding.

He had married a woman in Mumbai. Due to the lockdown, he decided to return to his home village in Sitapur. However, he told his wife to stay with her relatives instead of going home with him.

Meanwhile, he began his preparations for his second marriage which was set to take place on June 20, 2020.

Police identified the young man as Vimal Raj. He lived in Mumbai where he worked for a building company. During that time, he married a woman named Kajal and the two of them worked together.

However, India’s lockdown meant that the work stopped. The couple decided to go back to Vimal’s home village.

According to Kajal, they left Mumbai in May but her husband told her to stay with her uncle, refusing to let her stay with him.

When Vimal returned to his family home, his family arranged for him to get married to a woman in Lakhimpur. He agreed and the wedding was set for June 20, 2020.

A few days before his second wedding, the Indian groom travelled to Lakhimpur with his aunt so that she could make preparations.

Vimal completed the pre-wedding ceremonies and returned home to make the final preparations. However, Kajal came to know about the second marriage and filed a police complaint.

Based on Kajal’s complaint, police officers arrived at Vimal’s home and arrested him.

The family of the bride-to-be also reached the police station, having found out that Vimal was already married.

Preparations were going on to welcome Vimal’s procession in Lakhimpur but his family soon found out that he had been arrested.

The family and Kajal went to the police station.

Kajal revealed that Vimal was her husband and that he left her at her uncle’s house while he prepared to marry for a second time.

Officer Kuldeep Tiwari explained that Vimal and Kajal later came to an agreement. The two had a wedding ceremony in front of police officers.

Officers also said that as part of the agreement, Vimal must pay the family of the second bride the value of his house.

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