Driver caused Death of Man on Pedestrian Crossing & Fled

A man from Halifax caused the death of a man when he was struck on a pedestrian crossing. The defendant then fled the scene.

Driver caused Death of Man on Pedestrian Crossing & Fled f

the fault lay “completely and overwhelming” with Khan

Hamzah Khan, aged 21, of Halifax, was jailed for 32 months after he knocked down and killed a man on a pedestrian crossing and then fled.

Bradford Crown Court heard he pleaded guilty to causing the death of 41-year-old Robert Provis by dangerous driving following the fatal collision on September 29, 2018.

Khan, then aged 20, had held a driving licence for five months. His barrister explained that his client had only been driving regularly for about a month before the offence.

Michael Smith, prosecuting, said that Mr Provis had left his father’s home that night and was on his way to his sister’s when he was hit at a major junction on Aachen Way in Halifax.

The road had a 30mph limit but Khan had been driving his cousin’s Renault Megane at about 46mph when he went through a red light at the pedestrian crossing.

Another car had already stopped for the red light and although Mr Provis had started to cross before the “green man” was illuminated, he would have a reasonable expectation that he would not be struck by a vehicle.

Mr Smith said that the fault lay “completely and overwhelming” with Khan who drove off after the collision despite the significant damage to his vehicle.

Mr Provis suffered massive injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Khan abandoned the Megane about a mile away. About 45 minutes later, he returned to the scene and accepted being the driver involved.

In a police interview, Khan claimed that he had panicked in the aftermath and expressed sympathy for Mr Provis’ family.

One of Mr Provis’ sisters had gone to the scene and realised it was her brother who had been struck at the pedestrian crossing when she tried to call his number and a phone could be heard ringing nearby.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Provis was described as a kind and loving man who would not hurt a soul.

Mr Gent said Khan had been left devastated by the consequences of his actions.

He said: “He is desperately sorry for what he did. He wishes he could turn the clock back.”

Mr Gent said there was ample time for Khan to slow down and stop, but he continued at speed, taking a chance that he would get through the lights before they changed from amber to red.

He admitted:

“He was driving too quickly, foolishly and recklessly taking a chance on the traffic signal.”

Judge Jonathan Gibson said it must have been a terrible shock for Mr Provis’ family to come across the scene following the collision and must also have been a terrible shock for the people who witnessed the incident.

He told Khan: “You approached a major traffic light junction too fast.

“Your view of Mr Provis crossing the road was obscured by the vehicle which had stopped to your left.

“The action of that driver, of course, should have caused you to slow down and proceed much more cautiously in any event.

“Instead of stopping at the red light which could easily have done you drove through it at speed and collided with Mr Provis.”

Judge Gibson said Khan, who had been working as a delivery driver despite not being properly insured for the work, had been inexperienced as a driver at the time and that was all the more reason for him to be cautious.

Khan was jailed for 32 months. He was also banned from driving for three years and four months and was ordered to take an extended re-test.

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