Indian Pilot’s Father abused by Wife’s Father for Love Marriage

Following the love marriage between an Indian pilot and a woman, the girl’s father allegedly inflicted sustained abuse on the man’s father.

Indian Pilot's Father abused by Wife's Father for Love Marriage f

the men went on to humiliate him by smothering his face in soot.

An Indian pilot’s father was allegedly abused by his wife’s father due to their love marriage. The incident happened in Khursipar, Chhattisgarh.

A woman married a pilot in what was a love marriage, however, it was overshadowed by her father, who seemingly was not happy about the marriage.

The victim was subjected to horrific abuse for several hours. After complaining to the police, he claimed that a case was not immediately registered.

The victim was named as Yograj while the suspect was identified as Bansal Lal.

It was reported that Yograj had been on his way to his factory when he was stopped by a group of men, including Lal.

He was then allegedly beaten and had his clothes ripped. The men then drove the victim to an isolated area where they assaulted him again.

They then covered the man’s face in soot before escaping.

An injured Yograj returned home and informed his family who then went with him to the police station.

They explained that Yograj was on his way to work when Bansal, Ashish Gupta and Vinod stopped their car in front of his.

The three men pulled him out of the vehicle and began assaulting him before taking him to a secluded area to commence horrid abuse against Yograj.

According to Yograj’s nephew, the men went on to humiliate him by smothering his face in soot. They then fed him faeces and made him consume urine.

The nephew also says that Ashish and Vinod held him while Bansal urinated in his face.

The men eventually left him in this abused and injured state and drove off.

Yograj claimed that Bansal was enraged that his daughter had a love marriage with Yograj’s son Mamera Ankit.

He explained that he was a pilot in the Air Force and is currently posted in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

On October 10, 2019, the Indian pilot eloped with Bansal’s daughter and got married. When Bansal found out, he became infuriated and decided to take revenge.

However, Yograj alleged that the police initially did not register a case and told him that Bansal was influential.

Both the suspect and the victim owned factories which are nearby.

The victim stated that a case was registered nine hours after the initial complaint following pressure by Yograj’s family and the audacity of the assault against him.

Officers told Yograj that internal samples will be taken from him at the hospital in order to prove some of the allegations made.

The case was transferred to the police in the city of Raipur.

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