Chef accused of Killing UK Wife and Daughters

A chef, originally from Bangladesh, has been accused of murdering his UK wife and two daughters. The trial is ongoing at the Old Bailey.

Chef accused of Killing UK Wife and Daughters f

"I will kill you and kill your whole family."

Chef Mohammed Abdul Shakur, aged 46, has been accused of murdering his estranged wife and two young daughters because she refused to help him with his immigration status.

Bangladeshi Shakur allegedly killed 26-year-old Juli Begum at her three-bedroom home in east London on New Year’s Day 2007.

He then killed Anika, aged five, and Thanha, aged six, fearing they would identify him.

After their murders, he took a one-way flight to Bangladesh.

The Old Bailey heard that Shakur allegedly had a history of violence towards Ms Begum following their arranged marriage when she was 19.

She had travelled from the UK to Bangladesh for an arranged marriage to Shakur, who was her cousin.

Shakur then moved to the UK after her sponsorship for a one-year visa.

The marriage was unhappy and they became estranged in 2001 after he allegedly attacked her while she was seven months pregnant.

The prosecutor David Spens QC explained that he also scratched Thanha, then aged 10-months, during the incident.

He was forced out of the house after threatening to kill everyone there and smash the windows.

Mr Spens said: “These were not isolated incidents but showed a pattern of aggressive behaviour in June 2001 towards his wife and on one occasion with complete disregard for the presence of Thanha, who ended up being scratched, whilst using violence against Juli.”

Ms Begum told police that the violence stemmed from the imminent expiry of Shakur’s leave.

She had refused to progress his immigration application over fears he would leave her and marry someone else.

Shakur worked as a chef at an Indian restaurant and was allowed to live upstairs.

Jurors were informed that Shakur had previously told his wife:

“If you don’t correct my visa and you don’t make me legal to stay in this country then I will kill you and kill your whole family.”

On January 1, 2008, Shakur allegedly smothered Ms Begum to death before killing his two young daughters.

Their deaths came to light on January 10, 2008, when Ms Begum’s sister Gul Bahar became concerned.

Officers went to the house and found their bodies. Ms Begum was found under a bed cover with Anika lying across her and Thanha next to the bed.

Anika had been strangled with a sock which had been tightly bound around her neck.

It was heard that she may have been “stunned” by a slap or punch before she was killed as a result of bruising on both sides of her face.

Thanha suffered blows to her head and face, causing skull fractures. It was claimed she could have survived for up to 30 minutes.

Officers found hardly any cash and Ms Begum’s wedding jewellery was missing.

On January 5, 2008, Shakur fled to Bangladesh after obtaining an emergency passport. He travelled to the same village where Ms Bahar lived and allegedly confessed.

He told her:

“Don’t tell the police I murdered your sister. If you tell the police I will murder you and your children.”

In April 2019, Shakur was brought back to the UK to face trial.

He gave various reasons for leaving the UK, claiming his father was ill, had died and that his mother was sick.

The Metro reported that Shakur has denied three counts of murder and the trial continues.

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