Indian Wife accused of Killing Husband while Out on Bail

An Indian wife from Tamil Nadu has been accused of killing her husband while out on bail for another crime that she had committed with him.

Indian Wife accused of Killing Husband while Out on Bail f

Sukanya allegedly entered the house and used a pillow to smother

An Indian wife was arrested on Saturday, June 27, 2020, for allegedly killing her husband.

She had been involved in a Rs. 500 Crore (£53.6 million) multi-level marketing (MLM) scam in Tamil Nadu with her husband.

The woman, 30-year-old Melange Sukanya, was out on bail when she was accused of murdering her spouse. Fifty-year-old John Prabhakaran was also out on bail at the time.

It was reported that Prabhakaran had been living in Hyderabad for some time after being released from prison.

However, Sukanya located his whereabouts and visited his home on June 15, 2020.

He had told his wife to leave as he was living with another woman. Prabhakaran also issued her with threats if she refused to do so.

The revelation that her husband had been living with another woman reportedly angered Sukanya.

During the night of June 23, Sukanya allegedly entered the house and used a pillow to smother her husband to death while he was sleeping.

Following his death, Sukanya did not file a complaint so when the police were eventually informed, they were immediately suspicious of the Indian wife.

When they questioned her, Sukanya claimed that her husband was suffering from paralysis and had died in his sleep.

Officers registered a murder case on the basis of Sukanya’s hesitation to file a complaint as well as her responses to the questions.

Police had also noticed small injuries on the victim’s nose which indicated that he had been smothered to death.

During the investigation, police discovered that the victim had been living with another woman and Sukanya was angry when she found out.

Following a post-mortem examination and subsequent interrogation, Sukanya allegedly admitted to killing her husband.

She was subsequently arrested and booked under charges of murder under the Indian Penal Code.

Further inquiries by the police revealed that Sukanya and Prabhakaran have three children.

The couple were previously involved in a fraud operation worth Rs. 500 Crore. The scam involved making fraudulent money-back policies.

In 2012, Tamil Nadu Police arrested Prabhakaran for running the operation. The investigation continued and officers subsequently arrested his wife in 2013.

Within a few months of his arrest, Prabhakaran was released on bail whereas his wife remained in prison until 2018.

Malkajgiri Police said that after confessing to killing her husband, the Indian wife was arrested and produced before the court on the same day.

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