Is Taha Shah dating his Heeramandi co-star Pratibha Ranta?

Taha Shah sparked dating rumours after he was spotted out with his ‘Heeramandi’ co-star Pratibha Ranta. But are the rumours true?

Is Taha Shah dating his Heeramandi co-star Pratibha Ranta df

"I want to fall in love and have a family in the future."

Taha Shah has addressed claims that he is dating his Heeramandi co-star Pratibha Ranta.

The pair were spotted leaving a Mumbai restaurant together and posed for pictures.

This soon led to speculation that they were dating.

Addressing his love life, Taha opened up about his current relationship status.

He explained: “I wish I could tell you that I’m in love but right now, my responsibility is to not fall in love but to give back to my mother and make her proud.

“Right now is the time to focus… the only relationship that I should be having is with my work so that I can take care of my family.

“But yes, I want to fall in love and have a family in the future. And for that to happen, I’ll have to first stand up on my own two legs.”

Taha played Tajdar ‘Taj’ Baloch in the Netflix show while Pratibha portrayed Shama.

Much like his smitten character in Heeramandi, Taha describes himself as a “lover boy”.

He elaborated: “I’ve always been a man who would give his soul to the girl he falls for. When I fall in love, I’m a 10.

“But let me also tell you that it’s very difficult to find love.

“Having said that, when love hits me – and it has hit me a few times – I’ve gone all out.

“I’m an extremist in that sense… I’m a 90s kid. At that time, there was no internet. I had bad handwriting and yet wrote love letters.

“I used to put flower petals into the letter and throw it into the bus for the girl to catch it…”

Since Heeramandi‘s release, Taha Shah has been labelled the ‘national crush’ for women across India.

He was at the Cannes Film Festival and spoke about his appearance.

Taha said: “I went to Cannes to launch my film and to make contacts.

“So many people from America and Canada looked at me and said, ‘This guy is the star of Heeramandi but he’s acting like a newcomer’.

“I literally went around giving my card to people asking them to be in touch with me and watch Heeramandi.

“I may not need to do this but I know where I come from.

“I always say that one day, you’ll find one golden person, who will change your life.

“Out of the 500-600 people I met in Cannes and got the numbers of, I need one person to believe in me. I’ll keep hustling. I’ll keep building relationships and putting in my hundred per cent.”

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