Saba Faisal’s daughter-in-law Criticised over her new Hijab style

Saba Faisal’s daughter-in-law Nisha Talat has styled her hijab in a new fashion, dividing social media users.

Saba Faisal's daughter-in-law Criticised over her new Hijab style f

“She looks beautiful, but this hijab style is not proper.”

Nisha Talat, Saba Faisal’s daughter-in-law has previously received widespread admiration for her elegant and modest style, particularly her hijab.

Nisha’s hijab style has been the subject of much discussion and appreciation, with many praising her for her commitment to covering her head.

Recently, Nisha has introduced a new hijab style that has generated a diverse range of reactions from the public.

In her latest photographs with her husband, Nisha was seen wearing a hijab wrapped around her head in a turban-like fashion while her dupatta was draped around her arms.

This new look has sparked a debate, with some individuals praising her creativity and innovative approach to hijab.

However, others have expressed disappointment and criticism, stating that it doesn’t meet their expectations or conform to traditional hijab styles.

Many people have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Nisha’s new hijab style.

One user commented: “She looks beautiful, but this hijab style is not proper.”

Another said: “It’s a joke in the name of hijab, it doesn’t cover her properly.”

One questioned: “She isn’t covering what she was supposed to. What is even the purpose of it then?”

Another stated: “Well there goes Saba Faisal’s perfect little daughter-in-law. I bet she isn’t so proud now.”

One user wrote: “She’s making a mockery of the hijab.”

Another pointed out: “I love Nisha’s confidence, but this hijab style is not my favourite.

“She’s still a beautiful and modest woman, no matter what she wears.”

Despite the criticism, Nisha’s supporters have come to her defence, saying:

“She’s still covering her head, and that’s what matters.”

Others have praised her for her confidence and willingness to experiment with new styles.

One said: “She’s a fashion icon, and we love her for it”

Another fan commented: “I appreciate her creativity, but this style is criticised for obvious reasons. She knew this would happen.”

One said: “She’s a role model for many young girls, and I hope she considers the impact of her choices and makes an apologetic statement.”

Another stated:

“Fashion is all about experimentation, and Nisha is doing just that.”

Earlier, Saba Faisal celebrated her son’s marriage.

The event brought together many stars from the entertainment industry.

As a proud mother, Saba Faisal has been enthusiastically introducing her new daughter-in-law, Nisha Talat, to her fans and the public.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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