Saba Faisal Cuts Ties with Son & Daughter-in-Law

Veteran actress Saba Faisal took to Instagram to reveal that she has severed ties with her son, Salman Faisal, and his wife.

Saba Faisal Cuts Ties with Son & Daughter-in-Law f


"our family has no association with him as well."

Saba Faisal revealed that she has cut ties with her son and her daughter-in-law.

The veteran actress took to Instagram on December 5, 2022, to offer clarification about recent speculations regarding her relationship with her son Salman Faisal and his wife Neha.

It seems Saba and her daughter-in-law have a strained relationship, with rumours making the rounds on social media for months.

Despite the entire family putting on a united front at a recent family function, events which transpired at the gathering led to Saba publicly speaking out.

In a three-minute-long Instagram video, the actress revealed that she has severed ties with her son, Salman Faisal and his wife of four years, Neha Salman.

In the video, Saba said:

“There’s an important reason why I making this video at this hour.

“I have never aired my dirty laundry in this manner before. However, I have been forced to discuss my personal matters publicly.

“To everyone who has been abusing me under Neha’s post, I want to say that when a woman like Neha becomes a part of a family – someone who’s as negative as her – then those families fall apart.

“I have been living a very difficult life for the last four years.

“I was worried about my son and kept wondering how he will live his whole life with a woman like Neha.

“I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of it but the severity of the situation could be understood that I have resorted to making a video about it.”

Addressing how several gossip pages shared Neha’s posts hinting at issues with Saba and her son’s family, the actress remarked:

“We stayed quiet about it because if we react, then it would go viral.

“I just want to announce that we have no relationship with Neha.

“If my son, Salman, wishes to stay with his wife, then our family has no association with him as well.

“If he believes his wife can be a reason for comfort and honour here and in the afterlife, then he can be with her but we have severed ties with Salman.”

Speaking on the reality of the situation between all parties involved, Saba Faisal continued:

“If I were to dish the dirt, then you’ll spit on us. I don’t want that.”

Asking supporters to think before they believe rumours, the actress emphasised:

“You can’t judge us on such comments.

“I am not asking you to decide without listening to the other side of the story nor am I holding anyone accountable.”

“I am only saying Salman can live with his wife if he wishes, but we have decided to part ways with him as a family.”


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She concluded the video in an emotional plea:

“If a mother makes such a statement, then I am sure you could understand [the circumstances].”

Salman Faisal and Neha Salman have remained silent on the matter and Neha has made her Instagram account private.

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