Hira Khan & Sadia Faisal Row over Saba Faisal’s Comments

Hira Khan and Sadia Faisal got into a row after the former commented on Saba Faisal’s remarks about having sons.

Hira Khan & Sadia Faisal Row over Saba Faisal's Comments f

"Stunned by the audacity and stupidity.”

Hira Khan and Sadia Faisal have exchanged some words over Saba Faisal’s comments.

Saba had grabbed headlines after giving her opinion on the significance of having sons.

She said: “Having sons is the biggest relief and support because it is difficult for women to survive alone.”

Saba further elaborated that she feels a sense of protection knowing she has two sons, even when they are not physically present.

However, Saba Faisal’s remarks did not sit well with Hira Khan.

Hira expressed her disbelief: “Stunned by the audacity and stupidity.”

Following Hira Khan’s comment, Saba Faisal’s daughter Sadia came to her mother’s defence.

She called out Hira for her aggressive words towards a senior artist. Sadia emphasised that everyone has the right to express their opinions.

Sadia urged Hira to show respect for senior artists within the industry.

In response to Sadia Faisal’s post, Hira Khan further expressed her concerns.

She highlighted the challenges faced by women in countries like Pakistan, where daughters are often subjected to discrimination and violence.

Hira questioned Saba Faisal’s emphasis on the importance of having sons, given the prevailing social context.

Sadia Faisal then accused Hira of taking her mother’s statement out of context.

Saba Faisal also responded to Hira Khan’s criticism, suggesting that Hira lacks the necessary experience to understand the context of her statement.

Saba wrote: “You have to experience life before you say something like this.”

The exchange sparked a debate among social media users, with opinions divided.

Many agreed with Hira Khan’s stance.

A user said: “I agree with Hira Khan. Senior actors must show some sense and maturity.”

Another added: “Saba Faisal has said something very stupid. Well said Hira Khan.”

One wrote:

“Saba has this mindless daughter who is advocating for her mother’s nonsense comment.”

One comment read: “Saba should not say such things without thoroughly thinking about them first.

“She might not have had any bad intentions but it is not a good thing to say in a society that literally kills women if she can’t give birth to a male.”

However, others felt Hira could have conveyed her comments more respectfully.

One person said: “All things aside, Saba is very old and Hira is quite young.

“To call her stupid is extremely disrespectful and it reflects on her parent’s upbringing.”

Fans emphasised the need for senior actors to exercise caution before making controversial statements, considering their influence and impact on society.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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