Wife kills Indian Husband for Talking on Phone at Night

An Indian husband from Bihar was allegedly murdered by his wife. The victim was talking on his phone at night, which led to the woman killing him.

Wife kills Indian Husband for Talking on Phone at Night f

She then repeatedly slammed it on the headboard

A woman allegedly killed her Indian husband after he took a phone call in the middle of the night. The incident happened at their home in Bihar.

When he refused to get off his phone, there was an argument, which caused the woman to become enraged. It was believed she slammed his head off the bed before strangling him to death.

After the incident was reported, the suspect was taken into custody. Police identified the suspect as Aarti Devi while the victim was named as 38-year-old Anil Singh.

The murder came to light after Anil’s nephew Raviranjan Kumar filed a police complaint. On October 27, 2019, after their Diwali meal, the couple went to sleep.

However, at around midnight, Anil got a phone call and answered it. His wife also woke and asked who he was talking to before asking him to turn his phone off.

Anil continued with the conversation, which enraged Devi and this led to an argument between the married couple.

This only made Devi even angrier and she allegedly began hitting her husband before grabbing his head. She then repeatedly slammed it on the headboard, stunning Anil.

Devi then brutally strangled her Indian husband to death. After committing the murder, Devi tried to make it look like her husband died of unknown causes.

She pretended to cry while calling Anil’s nephew, saying that something has happened.

Mr Kumar and other family members arrived at the house, however, Raviranjan became suspicious when he noticed small cuts around the victim’s throat as if fingernails had caused the injuries.

He realised that there had been foul play in his uncle’s death.

News of Anil’s death spread throughout the community and neighbours gathered outside the house.

When the victim’s family asked Devi what happened, she broke down and told them they had an argument. She then allegedly admitted strangling him.

Upon hearing the news, Mr Kumar called the police and the suspect was arrested.

However, when questioned by police, Devi denied any wrongdoing. She told them that she had gone to the bathroom and when she returned, she found that her husband was dead.

Aarti Devi was remanded in custody while officers continue with their investigation to determine if she was responsible for Anil’s death.

Inspector Gufran Ali explained that every aspect is being investigated and that officers are taking it extremely seriously.

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