Pakistani Son kills Father after Questions over Mobile Phone

A father in Lahore was brutally killed by his son, Sajid Mehmood, after an argument erupted between them regarding the father’s mobile phone.

Pakistani Son kills Father after Questions over Mobile Phone f

He then attacked Khalid with a blunt and heavy object

A tragic incident has emerged from Kot Lakhpat in Lahore, Pakistan. On Thursday, May 23, 2019, teenager Sajid Mehmood killed his father after an argument over a mobile phone.

According to police reports, Sajid took his father’s mobile phone and had passed it onto a friend.

When his father, identified as Khalid Mehmood, a street vendor came back from work in the evening, questioned Sajid, he was not amused.

Khalid was very angry that Sajid had stolen his phone in this manner and he highly suspected that his son had given the phone to a girl to impress her.

Then, a very heated argument erupted between the pair regarding the matter with Khalid scolding Sajid.

In rage and infuriated reaction, Khalid lashed out at Sajid and beat him.

After the argument, Khalid went to the rooftop of their home and fell asleep for the night.

But Sajid feeling humiliated and still angry as well could not let it be. He went up and approached his father’s bed. He then attacked Khalid with a blunt and heavy object, landing blows to his head.

After the vile attack, Sajid then quickly fled from the house unchallenged.

The family heard the screams from the attack and quickly went to the rooftop to find Khalid bleeding profusely.

After finding Khalid in this shocking state, the family contacted emergency services to take him to the hospital immediately.

Police say that Khalid received some serious injuries from his son’s violent attack.

He was taken to the local hospital and due to the seriousness of the vicious attack by his son, doctors could not save Khalid and sadly he passed away.

When police arrived at the scene at the house, a case was registered against Sajid, the suspect, further to a complaint from his grandfather and the rest of the family who was devastated by what took place just over a mobile phone.

The SP from Model Town, Imran Ahmed, took details of the incident and a confident investigation was immediately launched to catch the culprit.

Sajid was subsequently tracked down by police and arrested. He has been remanded in custody while further investigations follow before charging him for the murder of his father.

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