Pakistani Marriage Dispute leads to Shooting of Family

A marriage dispute in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, took an extreme turn and resulted in the shooting of a family. A police case is underway.

Pakistani Marriage Dispute leads to Shooting of Family f

Shahroze allegedly opened fire on Rashid's family.

Four family members were shot dead on Sunday, May 12, 2019, following a marriage dispute in Inhar Colony, Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Police officers have registered the case and identified those allegedly involved.

According to the police, a man identified as Muhammad Rashid got married to a woman named Aisha in Sialkot. They later moved to Bahawalpur.

The marriage was out of their choice, however, the woman’s family were against the marriage.

The two families had arranged to meet at the couple’s house. Aisha’s mother, cousin and brother, identified as Shahroze arrived at the house.

During the meeting, there was tension between the two families and harsh words were exchanged in regards to the marriage.

The confrontation regarding the marriage dispute became even more heated and in response, Shahroze allegedly opened fire on Rashid’s family.

The shooting resulted in the deaths of Mr Rashid, his brother, father and mother. Three other family members were also injured in the attack.

The suspect managed to flee the scene before police officers arrived at the scene.

Police officers found out the incident had unfolded over a marriage between a man and a woman who lived somewhere else.

This caused conflict between the woman’s family and her husband’s family. It resulted in the deaths of four people.

Bahawalpur police have registered a case and have formed a team to search for and arrest the main suspect. They are also intending to arrest two others who are allegedly involving in the murders.

There have been a number of cases in Pakistan and India in which a family has murdered someone because they did not approve of a relationship.

Five family members and a neighbour from Punjab were arrested for the murder of their 19-year-old daughter over her relationship with a boy.

They allegedly did not approve of Krishna’s boyfriend. Her brother Om Parkash even lied to divert police suspicions.

The murder came to light when someone told police that a girl had died under strange circumstances.

When police arrived at the family’s house, Parkash said his sister had gone missing and was found dead on the side of a road.

Following a post-mortem, the results found that there were injuries to her head and her body. They suggested that she had been tortured before being strangled to death.

Krishna and another girl had left their homes to meet their boyfriends. When Krishna’s family went to look for their daughter, they spotted her in her boyfriend’s car.

Reportedly, Krishna’s family became angry with her and beat her with a stick before strangling her to death.

After they were not able to explain why the police had not been informed, the five family members and a neighbour were arrested.

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