Pakistani Love Marriage leads to Gang Rape of Groom’s Mother

A love marriage in Pakistan resulted in the gang revenge rape of the groom’s mother by relatives of the bride who did not accept the union.

love marriage pakistan gang rape

They also filmed the vicious acts of the revenge rape

In a shocking story of unacceptance and revenge of a love marriage in Pakistan, the mother of a groom was gang-raped and filmed by relatives of the bride.

The incident is said to have taken place the area of Meer Hazar Khan, Muzaffargarh, Punjab, in Pakistan.

Faisal Riza Pichaar, the groom, married Shaheen aka Shano in a love marriage on May 2, 2018, in court.

However, soon after the love marriage, the couple began to receive threatening phone calls from the bride’s family, stating they were not at all happy with the marriage between Faisal and Shano and they were going to take revenge.

Then, Abdul Kareem accompanied by other members of a gang of the bride’s relatives turned up at the Pichaar residence on June 3, 2018.

Thet forcefully entered the house and gathered cash and jewellery from the property. They then left abducting the bride and her mother-in-law.

They took them to a destination, where the mother-in-law, the groom’s mother, was raped by a number of men who were identified by first names as Zahid, Shakil, Zafar and Aamir.

They also filmed the vicious acts of the revenge rape of the goom’s mother on their mobile phones.

The bride has also been subjected to no further contact with the groom’s family or her husband.

Hajra Kausar Pichaar filed the father of Faisal filed details of the case at Beet Meer Hazar police station, along with his wife who was brutally raped by the relatives of the bride.

Hajra told police that Faisal had married Shano, the daughter of Gulam Fareed Mohaana, a resident of Mela Chica village, in a legal ceremony. So, he wanted action against the men who tormented and raped his wife.

However, the police reaction to the case has been lukewarm with no evident action taken against the rapists.

The First Information Report (FIR) related to the gang rape, in fact, had different names listed for the culprits compared to those reported by the victim, Mrs Pichaar.

When the police were contacted by media regarding the case, their response was that they are investigating the case on merit.

It’s possible that because the marriage was a love marriage, the local police are classing it as a family feud and not taking serious action against the horrific ordeal experienced by the mother of the groom.

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