Pakistani Boy & Friends gang-rape Kitten to Death

In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old Pakistani boy and his friends brutally gang-raped a kitten, resulting in its death.

Pakistani Boy & Friends gang-rape Kitten to Death f

"she never slept due to the pain and trauma."

A horrific case of animal cruelty came to light after a Pakistani boy and his friends gang-raped a kitten.

The shocking incident, which happened in Lahore, resulted in the kitten’s death.

The matter came to light after animal rights organisation JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter, posted what the teenagers subjected the animal to on its Facebook page.

According to the post, the kitten was bought by the 15-year-old boy’s family.

However, after bringing it home, the boy and several others, which included his friends and cousins subjected the kitten to depraved cruelty.

They repeatedly gang-raped the animal for over a week, severely damaging its internal organs.

It was reported that blood and semen were coming out of the animal’s wounds.

The organisation said: “She could not walk, she could not eat, she could not sit, she never slept due to the pain and trauma.

“When she was taken to the vet he took out lots of sperm, blood, and lots of shoppers that were used by those boys for raping the kitten.”

A girl in the area had kept an eye on the boys after becoming suspicious when she noticed the “terrible condition” of the kitten.

She asked the boys to give the kitten to her but they refused.

The Pakistani boy and his friends eventually gave the kitten over to the girl after she insisted that they hand the pet over.

When they gave the animal over, the kitten’s condition was in a worse state due to the continuous abuse.

The girl ended up reporting the incident to JFK as “she did not want to go to the courts or come on any platform”.

The kitten was taken to a vet for treatment. Despite the best efforts, the severe injuries and abuse resulted in its death.

The vet confirmed that the kitten was sexually abused, but refused to provide a written statement.

In the Facebook post, JFK said:

“The kitten is buried and surely speaking to God up there about whatever happened to her in this cruel world.”

“The girl literally prayed for the kitten to be taken by God because she could not see her misery and pain.”

The organisation plans to speak to a lawyer and has called for the boys to be punished for their depraved acts.

“This is Pakistan, and these are Pakistani men. Men are choosing animals for rape now after women and minors.

“Who will get justice for this hand-sized little kitten when our women and children are not given justice after rape?”

It was reported that the mother of the boy was confronted, however, she denied that her son was responsible.

JFK recalled in the post: “When the mother of that boy was approached she said ‘My son did not do this, someone from the street must have done it’.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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