10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow

Influencers are undeniably a great source of inspiration not only for teenagers. We list 10 outstanding British Asian influencers to follow on social media.

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow f

“Every makeup look done by Kaushal tells a story.”

The number of British Asian influencers is increasing as many young adults and teenagers keep seeking inspiration to get their ideas from.

Undoubtedly, there are many Desi fashion influencers who are recognisable because of their colourful and unique looks.

However, fashion is not the only aspect that differentiates British Asian influencers from others.

There are plenty of other influencers on social media platforms who are worth mentioning.

We have prepared a list of ten top British Asian influencers worth a follow.

Simran Randhawa

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - simran

Simran Randhawa is a journalist, creative consultant and social media influencer based in London.

She is a sporty woman who loves to be active which is visible on her social media platforms.

Her passion for a healthy lifestyle made her create a separate Instagram account, @simsnackin, where she shares her recipes.

Simran’s main account on Instagram, with over 114,000 followers, is mainly focused on lifestyle and fashion.

She has collaborated with various fashion brands including Nasty Gal, Kurt Geiger and Nike.

This influencer was also featured in Off The Block Magazine, GQ India, Vogue and many other publications.

Hammasa Kohistani

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - hammasa

This beauty and fashion influencer with Afghan origins started her career in a beauty pageant.

In 2005, she became the first Afghan/Muslim contestant to be crowned Miss England.

The model is well-known for posting various outfits, following fashion trends.

She is combining her personal style with fashion trends, as well as South Asian national clothing pieces.

Hammasa is proudly showing her South Asian roots through her social media platforms.

Harnaam Kaur

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - harnaam

Being the only Guinness World Record holder, Harnaam Kaur is definitely a worth-mentioning social media influencer and anti-bullying activist.

In 2016, she became the first female with a full beard.

After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, she was exposed to bullying, but it did not stop her.

Now Harnaam is using her uniqueness to spread positivity across her social media accounts.

She has also been featured in many magazines including One World, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue.

If you do not follow Harnaam already, and you are looking for a motivational speaker, her Instagram account is definitely a go-to place!

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3 days baby, it has taken three whole days for me to realise that I am on the cover of Cosmopolitan India. It didn’t hit me then, it’s definitely woken me up now. I was receiving notifications from many different people, and when I opened my dm’s, I had realised what was going on. People were celebrating this huge mile stone! What an achievement !! ? I was being celebrated, and there I was sorting my dog out ( @king.kai.singh ), I hadn’t even brushed my teeth or showered at that point – I didn’t know what to do with myself! Do I feed my dog? Do I freshen up and put my face on? or do I go back to sleep?? haha!!!! Thank you to everyone who has shared, liked and posted my cover. Your response and kind comments have been much appreciated- I love you all! Can you believe even Sonam Kapoor sent her love ! ? I always go on about how we need more South Asians on covers, where are our turbaned models? Where are the models who are different? Where are the people in the magazines who are marginalised? WELL HERE THE FUCK I AM! I DID THAT ?? I never saw women on the front covers of magazines that looked like me, until I became that woman on the front cover that looked like me ?? We each have the power to create change! This front cover has been the most shared and most loved front cover that cosmopolitan India has ever had (I was told cosmopolitan chief!) what a great achievement, and what a brilliant step in the right direction! I will keep on carrying on! I will never stop ! Your love has been amazing! Thank you for your support! I can’t wait to see where my life takes me next! ??????????? ?- @djqueene ?- @nadia_persian from @portraitsbridal ?- @cosmoindia

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Bambi Bains

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - bambi bains

Bambi is a real polymath – she is a model, musician, dancer and a beauty and lifestyle influencer.

Not many of her followers know that Bambi auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent as a member of Miss Treat Vibe in 2017. Eventually, the girl group was eliminated during the semi-finals.

Soon after that, she began a solo career. She was the first female who joined Team Punjabi By Nature, a UK-based Indian music producer.

Bambi is using her social media to stay connected with her followers and raise awareness of Desi culture in the UK.

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Bambina ina lab ?

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Jahanara Rahman

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - jahanara

Best-known for posting products reviews, Jahanara Rahman is a British Bangladeshi makeup artist and a lifestyle blogger.

She is really active on social media, where she uploads plenty of makeup looks along with her product reviews.

Jahanara’s relationship with her supporters is very personal – she often does makeup looks on her followers.

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Ask any questions down below x

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10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - sheikhbeauty

UK-based beauty influencer and a trained makeup artist, Sheikh Beauty, is well-known for her makeup tutorials and skincare videos.

Before starting her journey as an influencer, she previously worked as an employee for beauty brands such as Nars and Bobbi Brown.

Eventually, Shaz’s presence on social media helped her to become a brand ambassador for those brands.

The beauty influencer has over 416,000 followers on Instagram. She also runs a YouTube channel with 48,500 followers.

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Take Care ?

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Hannah Desai

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - COCOBEAUTEA

Better known as COCOBEAUTEA, Hannah Desai is a fashion influencer and blogger.

She is most known for her minimalistic and elegant style and showing different looks with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Julia Zaboklicka, International Business Management Student, admits that Hannah’s little tricks are a good strategy to grow a social media account.

According to Julia, nowadays, so many people are trying their best to become popular on social media and to stand out in every way, that is why it is difficult to stand out.

“Hannah’s post with a cup of coffee became her trademark – she is now recognisable as a fashion guru who is passionate about coffee.”

Amena Khan

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - amena

Amena is a British Asian model, beauty and lifestyle influencer. She owns Pearl Daisy, a hijab brand, and a makeup company.

She became the first woman wearing a hijab in a L’Oreal Paris haircare campaign.

To get even closer to her followers, Amena decided to start the Thrive podcast, where she shares her thoughts on fashion, business, beauty, education and much more.

After a long time of being recognised for wearing a hijab, in June 2020, Amena decided to get rid of her trademark by publishing a picture of herself without a hijab.


10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - m.i.a

Matangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, better known as M.I.A., is a British musician, visual artist, activist and influencer.

The British Asian singer started her career in 2002, but her first album Arular was released in 2005.

After struggling to find the inspiration to make new music, the singer released her fourth album named after the Hindu goddess, Matangi in 2013.

Since then, the musician is proudly representing British South Asians in the music industry.

M.I.A. is actively using social media to educate her fans and motivate Desi people to be proud of their origin.

Kaushal Beauty

10 Top British Asian Influencers to Follow - kaushal

Beauty influencer Kaushal is one of the most recognisable British Asian makeup artists.

With over 2.24 million subscribers on YouTube, she is proudly showing her heritage to her followers through different makeup and fashion looks.

Mostly known for her makeup looks, the YouTube star is also posting vlogs on her channel, showing what is happening in her life.

Norwegian makeup artist, Ingrid Keiseraas, admits that posting makeup looks connected with the artist’s ethnicity or religion expose their vulnerable side and makes their followers feel more connected with the influencer.

“Every makeup look done by Kaushal tells a story. They take you on an emotional trip, where you can truly explore the character of her, as well as a connection to her country of origin.”

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FACETUNE V REALITY . There have been so many times where I’ve been scrolling on Instagram & comparing myself to others. Questioning the way I look, my skin, makeup, my body – the list is endless. I’ve wanted to post about this for ages now but didn’t know where to start on this topic as it’s made me feel so down over the years. Throughout my journey on social media I’ve always felt like I’ve compared myself to so many people – it felt like a downward spiral. There were days where I got such lovely comments from you all, but I felt so horrible inside & could only notice my flaws. I’ve spoken to so many people about this & it’s seems as though it’s something we all do. . But this is where I want to turn my internal struggles into ways that can help us all. We are all different. We look, speak & talk differently – it’s fine we celebrate this! And in terms of makeup… skin texture is BEAUTIFUL. I want to see more of it on Instagram! . We’ve become so used to filters. Filters on Instagram, snapchat, Instagram stories to apps like Facetune that are all at our fingertips. Things need to change & I am hoping I can start a little something from my corner here on Instagram. . A lot of you may already know that I don’t like to edit my pictures (this is why I’ve never had a theme here on my page lol) & I really hope we can all do our bit to celebrate our naturally beautiful selves ?? sending you all love & light x

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We chose ten British Asian influencers to follow on social media, but there are plenty more great Desi influencers who are also worth mentioning, including Nikita By Niki, Erim Kaur, Anchal and Doniya Malik.

Many of them are using social media platforms to educate their followers and raise awareness of Desi culture.

To be updated on what is happening in the lives of British Asian influencers, visit their social media accounts and do not forget to click the ‘follow’ button.

Amanda is a Journalism student at Coventry University. She speaks three languages, is interested in winter sports, music and beauty. Her life motto is: “Dream big and make it happen”.

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