5 Makeup Looks to Practice during Lockdown

The lockdown is a great time to practice and perfect your makeup skills. DESIblitz presents 5 amazing makeup looks to practice during the lockdown.

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"Women just want to feel beautiful whether that's with makeup or without!"

Makeup looks are forever evolving with various styles and techniques changing along the way. Why not practice some of these beautiful looks during the lockdown?

By using the lockdown to practice some extraordinary makeup looks, you can become a professional in your own home!

Even though you have nowhere to go, it does not mean that you cannot feel beautiful once in a while.

DESIblitz exclusively chats to professional makeup artist Shareen Akhtar who goes by the name of ‘shaneeqbridal‘ on Instagram.

She specialises in bridal and celebrity makeup and has done makeup for the likes of Faryal Makhdoom on numerous occasions.

Shareen speaks exclusively to DESIblitz about wearing makeup during the lockdown and how it can make you feel. She says:

“Women just want to feel beautiful whether that’s with makeup or without! Doing a full face makeup routine during quarantine can be psychologically motivating and make us women feel better about ourselves.

“Getting through the day becomes that little bit easier!”

Furthermore, it all depends on the type of style you are into, after all, how bold do you want to go? We have accumulated five incredible looks including some bold and some subtle options.

Even if you do not normally go for makeup looks that make a statement, the lockdown is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone.

DESIblitz has handpicked five makeup looks for you to practice at home during the lockdown.

The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

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Though this look must sound ridiculously easy and straightforward, some people find it extremely hard to achieve this look. However, once you nail it, it makes your face look fresh, pure and glowy.

This look is perfect for those casual types of days where you are simply running a few errands. There may be some days during the lockdown where you want to wear makeup; this look is great for days like this.

To achieve this look, you will not need many makeup products as it is all about the application rather than the number of products.

Shareen speaks about the simpleness of this look, she mentions:

“It’s all about keeping it simple. No fake lashes, just lots of mascara and minimal coverage on the skin.

“Concealer is key to remove blemishes and a nice pop of gloss on lips. Less is definitely more right now.”

It is all about the skin for this look; it is important that you prime, hydrate and moisturise your skin before you apply any makeup. This will ensure that your skin remains glowy for the rest of the day.

When people try and achieve this look, they do not tend to use heavy foundations. Instead, it is best to use BB or CC creams, buffing it into your skin lightly.

To really nail the look, be ready to use as less coverage as possible, allowing any imperfections or redness to shine through.

However, if you have acne-prone or problematic skin and you wish to use more coverage, then it is best to use a foundation. It all depends on how comfortable you feel in your skin!

To get that extra bit of coverage under your eyes or on any unwanted blemishes, use a creamy-based concealer. Using your fingers to blend the concealer will give you better results as the warmth from your fingertips will melt the product into your skin.

One thing you need to get to grips with about this look is that it is all about the creaminess of the products! The creamier the product you use, the better.

Using a cream-based contour, apply it with a dampened sponge to the desired areas of your face. Typically, bronzer is applied to the hairline, jawline and cheekbones.

Ensure that you blend in the bronzer completely, making it look as natural as possible. To add some extra glow to your skin, use a cream-based highlighter on your cheekbones and anywhere else you wish.

With this look, the pinker the cheeks, the more natural it looks. Again using a cream-based blush, apply it with your fingers to the apples of your cheeks, your temples and the bridge of your nose.

You will be pleased to know, that with this look it is all about the bushy brows. All you need to do is brush them into place using a brow gel; it does not need to be perfect.

When it comes to the eyes, all you need is some mascara, however, it is not necessary for this look!

To finish off the look, grab a lip balm or any light coloured lipstick or lipgloss and apply it lightly onto your lips. Remember, less is more!

Neon & Pastel Glam

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This look is for those of you who are daring, fearless and want to make a statement. Perfect this look during the lockdown so that you can create it again when the lockdown has been lifted.

For this look, you will most definitely need a good eyeshadow palette which consists of a set of pastel colours. If you do not have this, you will not be able to create this look as it is all about the bright eyeshadow.

Neons and pastels tend to fall into the same category as they both consist of colours that are bright, colourful and bold.

Bright pinks and oranges work particularly well for those with a South Asian complexion. The colours on the eyelids pop out and really make you stand out from the crowd.

You can apply the bright, neon eyeshadows in whatever style you wish. You can have it as subtle as possible or you can go all out and pack the colours onto your lids.

Coloured eyeliner tends to work well with this look too using colours such as pink, yellow, orange, blue, or even white. This makes the look slightly more snazzy and unique.

When it comes to the lips, many people tend to keep the colour quite simple so that the eyes stand out the most.

However, there is absolutely no harm in being brave and using a bright, ‘out there’ lipstick shade instead!

Even when it comes to the blush, highlighter, bronzer and contour, it is best to keep it to a minimum. This enhances your eyes and ensures that they are the main focus of the whole look.

Pink Monochrome

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This classy but chic makeup look is versatile and can never go out of trend. It is perfect for a lovely summers day as soon as the lockdown has been lifted.

However, while we patiently wait for the end of the lockdown, why not practice this look instead?

For this look, you will need all of the pink makeup products you can find! The more pink you use, the more you will nail this look.

Before you go straight into it, it is important to find the correct pink shade that suits the tone of your skin. Swatch a few shades onto your skin and decide which one works best for you.

First thing is first, you should begin by doing your eye makeup as you do not want any excess eyeshadow falling onto your face, ruining your foundation.

Of course, for the eyes, you will be using pink and only pink eyeshadows. The simple way to do your eye makeup is to use two shades of pink.

Use a lighter shade and a darker, glittery shade. Use the lighter pink all over your eyelids as the foundation of the look.

Then, using the darker, glittery pink shade, apply it on top of the lighter shade, again, all over the lid. You might want to use the pink eyeshadow on your waterline too for that extra pinky touch.

Remember, if your eyelids do not look pink enough, it means you have simply not applied enough of it!

Once you are happy with your eyes and you have applied your mascara and anything else you desire, move onto the blush. The blush plays another vital factor when achieving this look as you will need to find the right pink shade.

Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, along with a shimmery, pink highlighter to make your skin glowy.

Pink lips are also key when achieving this look. Grab your favourite pink lipstick and apply it all over your lips.

If you wish to add any more pink touches here and there, then go ahead!

Cut Crease

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The cut crease has been in trend for quite some time now and is still being created by many people. This look is made to instantly lift your eyelids, making you look less tired and more lively.

As well as that, it is also a beautiful eye look that you all need to try during the lockdown if you have not already done so!

This is a look that is plastered all over Instagram on a day to day basis and can be achieved with any colours of your choice.

The cut crease creates a contrast between the lighter and darker shades of your eyeshadow, ‘cutting’ a smooth line in between the two colours.

It is important to start with an eye primer on the lids of your eyes. This is used to keep your eyeshadow sharp and smooth throughout the day.

Makeup artists typically use two different colours when creating this look. One is a dark colour and one is lighter.

It is recommended that you use matte eyeshadows for this look to give it more definition. Matte eyeshadows tend to blend out easier too.

Using the darker shade, apply it all over your crease, avoiding the lid of your eye. Blend it until you are happy with the shade, adding more colour if you need to.

Next, using a concealer, create the outline of your cut crease. The line typically starts from the inner corner of your eye and finishes at the other side of the crease.

Fill your whole lid with concealer and then, using the lighter shade of eyeshadow, simply apply it to the lid.

You should now have two different shades on your eyes, the darker one at the top followed by the outline of the crease and then the lighter shade.

To define the outline of the crease, you can use a slightly dark shade of eyeshadow and go over the line again. Your cut crease is now complete!

Experiment with different types of colours and figure out which ones suit you best.

Ombre Eyeshadow

5 makeup looks to practice during lockdown-ia5

Ombre eyeshadow is a very popular and trendy eye makeup look. If you can learn how to nail this look during the lockdown, you will have it covered by the time it has been lifted.

This look involves the blending of various shades of eyeshadow together to form a stunning ombre effect on the lid of your eyes. With this look, your eyes will be the centre of attention everywhere you go.

Of course, to achieve this look you will need three main colours going from light to dark to create the ombre effect. Before starting, it is important to apply a base colour to your entire lid to create a foundation.

Blending is highly vital when creating the ombre effect, so, make sure you have a large fluffy eye brush at hand.

Choosing the colours is also important for this look, as you will need to make sure that they complement your skin tone and colour. You can also choose one colour and use different shades of it.

Or, you can choose three completely different colours and master the ombre effect. For example, if you want to go for the easier option, you could choose three shades of pink.

So, use the light shade of pink starting from the inner corner of your eye, followed by the medium shade of pink. You would then use the darkest shade of pink at the end, making sure you blend properly.

By blending sufficiently, it will create an amazing transition and gradient of the colours used. You will need to keep working at it to get the perfect look.

However, you can also use a completely unique colour palette, starting with yellow and ending with a deep purple for example. To do this, you will need several different colours to create the correct gradient.

If you decide to go with bright, unique colours, then white eyeliner tends to finish the look off perfectly. It makes your eyes pop out a lot more, as well as adding that extra oomph to your look.

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While you are experimenting with makeup during the lockdown, it is also important to remember to take care of your skin. With the right skincare routine, your makeup will sit in place better and will make you glow.

Makeup artist Shareen also speaks to DESIblitz about how vital skincare is right now. She says:

“For me personally, quarantine has definitely got me looking after my skin more. My top skincare products currently are micellar cleansing water and hyaluronic acid (The Ordinary).

“I also enjoy using the Tony Moly Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream, the Kiehl’s lip balm and eye cream and turmeric face masks.”

Life is all about balance, you can play with as much makeup as you like, just do not forget about your skincare!

Suniya is a Journalism and Media graduate with a passion for writing and designing. She is creative and has a strong interest in culture, food, fashion, beauty and taboo topics. Her motto is "Everything happens for a reason.”

Images courtesy of Pexels, @shaneeqbridal, @rougebyrimz, @the_allure_touch, @jkbeautyx & @shawtycynthia_makeup.

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