Indian Husband demands Rs. 100 Crore from Wife & 14 Lovers

An Indian husband from West Bengal has filed a defamation notice, demanding Rs. 100 Crore (£10.4 million) from his wife and her 14 lovers.

Indian Husband demands Rs. 100 Crore from Wife & 14 Lovers f

he did not expect that his wife was having an affair with 14 men.

A shocking incident emerged in which an Indian husband discovered that his wife was having an affair. However, it was revealed that she was in illicit relationships with 14 other men.

The matter happened in Kolkata, West Bengal.

As a result, the husband has filed a defamation suit against his wife and her 14 lovers. He has demanded Rs. 100 Crore (£10.4 million) from them.

The woman started having affairs with various men and her businessman husband eventually found out.

He had suspected that his wife was having an affair so he got his driver to keep a close eye on her. The driver discovered that she had been meeting different men. He later told her husband.

While her husband’s suspicions were confirmed, he did not expect that his wife was having an affair with 14 men.

The Indian husband subsequently filed a defamation application. He sent separate notices to his estranged wife and 14 lovers, demanding Rs. 100 Crore.

In the notice, he explained that he knew about the illicit relationships.

He went on to say that his wife kept in regular contact with them and had physical relationships with them.

Despite knowing that she was married, the lovers continued to see her. It was revealed that many of the men were also married.

Following the revelation of the affairs, the husband explained his wife’s actions have ended his marital life.

He also said that the matter has become the talk of the town and as a result, his reputation as a businessman has been ruined.

The man also stated that he is struggling to cope after finding out about his wife’s affairs.

He sent the legal notice to his wife and 14 boyfriends, stating for the money to be transferred to him within two weeks.

In the notice, the man said that if they fail to transfer him the money, he will take legal action against each and every one of them.

In a similar incident, a woman accused her police sub-inspector husband of having an affair with a neighbour.

He had been at his alleged lover’s house when she confronted him.

A video of the incident went viral. In the video, the woman is seen holding a brick before throwing at the gate of a house.

As the gate opens, she hurls profanities at sub-inspector Arun Bali, accusing him of having an illicit relationship with the neighbour.

She also hits him before appealing to the police to have them dismiss her husband.

During the incident, the alleged lover comes out, leading to the wife arguing with her, however, the young woman denies the affair allegations.

While her husband denies the allegations, the woman picks up a brick and throws at a car parked outside the house.

Bali later claimed that his wife was making false accusations against him in order to defame him.

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