Indian Wife and her Two Lovers kill Her Husband

An Indian wife who worked in the fields in Punjab collaborated with her two lovers to kill her husband. Evidence led to her arrest.

Indian Wife and her Two Lovers kill Her Husband f

Mani used to work with other women in the fields

In 2018, an Indian wife named Mandeep Kaur with an alias of Mani reported her husband, Sona Singh, missing. She lodged the complaint at the Sadar Patti police station in Chandigarh, Punjab.

However, Mani knew at the time where her husband was. He had been murdered by her and her two lovers Gurvinder Singh Govinda and Varinder Singh also known as Goldie.

After being arrested, Mani confessed that she along with her two lovers gave her husband alcohol and once he was drunk, they slit his throat and discarded his body, drowning him in the Harike Darya river.

Mani who is the daughter of Joginder Singh hailing from Dayalpura, got married to Sona, the son of Surjeet Singh, a resident of the village called Sabhara, 12 years ago. They both had three children together.

Sona Singh was a hard worker and his wife Mani used to work with other women in the fields to extract potatoes.

Varinder Singh, from the village Kiratowal, along with his friend Gurvinder Singh Govinda, used to transport the women in carts to the fields to dig the potatoes. During this, Mani progressively started her love affair with both Varinder Singh and Gurinder Singh Govinda.

Mani continued to have her sexual relationship with both men until it was discovered by her husband.

The Superintendent of police (SPI), Jagjit Singh Walia told media that when Sona Singh became aware of his wife’s relationship with Varinder Singh and Gurinder Singh Govinda, several times he warned her of what she was doing and threatened her to stop the illicit affair.

After her husband’s scolding, Mani decided to conspire with her lovers to get rid of her husband. Following this, Sona Singh suddenly disappeared from his home in 2018 and was reported missing to police by Mani.

Sona Singh’s sister, Harjeet Kaur, a resident of Bhikiwind, told police that Mani’s character was questionable and her affair with the men affected her brother hugely.

Inspector Paramjit Singh, who is in charge at the Sadar Patti police station commenced an investigation into the case related to the Indian wife.

Jagjit Singh Walia said that on the spot where Sona Singh was killed, the accused hid the wallet of the deceased Sona Singh by throwing it in the bushes nearby.

Inspector Paramjit Singh’s team during the investigation managed to find and recover the wallet.

They found Sona Singh’s identity card in the wallet and also found a silver bracelet and ring belonging to him.

After this, police arrested Mandeep Kaur and Gurvinder Singh Govinda for the murder of Sona Singh. But are still looking for Varinder Singh.

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