Two Indian Women want to Live as ‘Husband and Wife’

Two Indian women from Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have revealed to the court that they want to live together like a “husband and wife.”

Two Indian Women want to Live as 'Husband and Wife' f

The women insisted that they were going to get married.

Two Indian women have sent an application to the court, saying that they want to live together as husband and wife. They also asked the court to provide them with security.

In their application to a court in Uttar Pradesh, the unnamed women have said that they previously went to the police but they refused to provide them security.

Both women have explained that they are adults and have the right to get married to each other. However, their family members are against it.

They are in a relationship and are currently living together in a rented apartment.

One of the women, who is from the town of Loni, Uttar Pradesh, said that she had moved to Delhi as she was studying at the University of Delhi.

During this time, she became friends with one of her classmates, a young woman from the city of Rohini, Delhi.

Over a period of time, the two became close friends and eventually entered into a relationship.

However, one of the women had to go to Bhopal as part of a college tour but both agreed that they will get married to each other when she returned.

After the woman returned from the tour, she told her family about the relationship and her intention to get married.

But her family members did not approve of the relationship, advising the two Indian women to stay away from each other.

The women insisted that they were going to get married. This led to their families ejecting them from their houses and telling them to never return.

Despite being told to leave their homes, the young women were not deterred.

The Uttar Pradesh resident soon rented a flat where she began living with her girlfriend.

Both sets of families eventually found out about their live-in relationship and were enraged.

They protested the relationship and even made threats to kill them.

This prompted the women to seek police action. Even though they explained their ordeal, the police did not take any action.

Both women then sought legal action. They went to the court and filed an application, requesting that they plan to get married and live together as husband and wife.

They also asked for protection should their families take action against them.

The court filed their application and a date has been fixed for their hearing.

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