Indian Wife Beheads Husband to Live with Lover

An Indian wife from Greater Noida was arrested and jailed after beheading her husband and dumping his body so she could live with her lover.

Indian Wife Beheads Husband to Live with Lover f

"We recovered the torso on December 9 in a decomposed state."

An Indian woman, named only as Rajni, aged 30, of Greater Noida, was arrested on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, for beheading her husband.

She, along with her lover committed the crime on November 30, 2018, so that they could live together.

Rajni and her lover confessed to beheading her husband and dumping his body near the Shahberi area.

It was heard that the woman was not in a happy marriage with her husband, Bhoop Singh, aged 34, who would often come home drunk.

They stayed in a rented home in the Shahberi area after relocating from Jhansi.

Rajni was not happy with her married life and met 32-year-old Aniruddh while he was working at a construction site in Jhansi.

They began seeing each other behind Mr Singh’s back and eventually, Rajni went to live with him, leaving Bhoop and their one-year-old son behind.

Mr Singh found out about the affair and brought his wife back home which made her even more unhappy and plotted to murder him with the help of Aniruddh.

The two lovers murdered Mr Singh with a knife and later beheaded him. They later disposed of his body and his head separately in a secluded area.

A few days after beheading her husband, Rajni filed a missing person report in an attempt to fool the police.

Initially, police struggled to find the body, they eventually found it on December 9, 2018, in a decomposed state.

Police officers traced the crime to Rajni and Aniruddh after the victim’s brother identified the two in his complaint.

Rajni attempted to escape the police but was later arrested, along with her lover. Both were questioned at Bisrakh police station. Station House Officer (SHO) Anil Kumar Sahi said:

“We recovered the torso on December 9 in a decomposed state and later the head from another nearby plot at Vrinda Garden Colony.

“The victim’s brother identified Bhoop and on December 10 filed a complaint against the wife and her lover.”

The victim’s brother informed police of the affair and how Rajni initially fled her home to live with her lover before being brought back by Bhoop.

SHO Sahi added: “We got to know from the victim’s brother about the alleged love affair of Rajni with Aniruddh.

“On Tuesday when we went to question her, she fled from her home. Later that night, we arrested her and her lover from Shahberi Pulia in Greater Noida.

“They have confessed to the murder.”

Rajni had told police that she had fallen in love with Aniruddh and ran away with him. They had lived together for three months.

SHO Sahi said: “After three months, Bhoop found her and brought her back home. But the woman was unhappy with her married life and so she plotted the murder of her own husband with the help of her lover.

“Both the accused were produced in a court and sent to jail on Wednesday.”

Rajni and Aniruddh were booked under sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code.

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