Indian Man beheads ‘Adulterous’ Wife & Takes Head to Police

An Indian man from Odisha chopped off his ‘adulterous’ wife’s head. He then walked into a police station with her severed head.

Indian Man beheads 'Adulterous' Wife & Takes Head to Police f

The quarrel escalated when Beura murdered his wife.

An Indian man from the city of Puri in Odisha was arrested after he beheaded his wife and then walked into a police station with her severed head.

The man, identified as 40-year-old Ganesh Beura chopped off his wife’s head after suspecting that she was having an affair.

Puri Superintendent Uma Sankar Dash explained that the suspect surrendered himself after entering the police station.

The incident took place on Sunday, August 25, 2019, after the couple had a heated argument.

They would frequently row as the man suspected that Annapurna Beura, aged 34, was cheating on him.

Beura had returned home from work where he was an employee at a private company in Chennai.

He had accused his wife of having an affair and this led to another argument. The quarrel escalated when Beura murdered his wife. The Indian man then beheaded her.

After carrying out the killing, Beura realised what he had done and he went to Astaranga Police Station with her severed head.

Beura showed officers his wife’s head and told them what had happened.

Annapurna’s family were informed and they accused Beura of domestic abuse.

They said he had been abusing his wife while she was staying in Chennai with him. This resulted in her moving back to Odisha.

A case was registered and a forensic team visited the crime scene to conduct a thorough examination.

Mid-Day reported that Beura has been taken into custody while an investigation is underway. The victim’s body has been sent for a post-mortem.

In a similar incident, 35-year-old Satish Gupta was arrested after pulling his wife’s severed head from a bag in front of police officers.

He confessed to the crime and explained that he killed her because he suspected that she was having an affair.

Gupta stated that his wife was cheating on him and he lost his temper after seeing her with her lover.

He told officers: “She cheated on me. I saw her with that guy near the plantation. I killed her.

“But that guy ran away. I couldn’t kill him though.”

Gupta continued to slam his wife’s character and complained that she preferred her lover Sunil over him.

Officers at the station had to calm Gupta down so they could take a formal statement in order for proceedings to formally launch the murder investigation.

After telling officers where he had left the rest of his wife’s body, Gupta was remanded in custody.

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