Indian Man Beheads brother-in-law in supposed Honour Killing

An Indian man has been arrested for beheading his sister’s husband in a supposed honour killing, due to being upset with their marriage.

Indian Man kills Wife with Axe and attacks In-Laws f

"Brijesh would often beat her up"

An Indian man has been arrested for beheading his brother-in-law in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

The shocking incident, which took place on Thursday, March 11, 2021, is now being considered a case of honour killing.

Twenty-one-year-old Deeraj, alias Monto Shukla, chopped off Brijesh Burman’s head, put it in a sack and made his way towards the police station.

He was then intercepted and arrested by Jabalpur Police.

After hearing of the beheading, Deeraj’s sister Puja, aged 19, committed suicide by hanging herself inside her house.

According to Superintendent of Police Ravi Chouhan, Deeraj was upset as Puja was unhappy in her marriage after eloping with Brijesh.

Chouhan said:

“Puja had returned to her maternal house as Brijesh would often beat her up after the two would argue.

“She had returned a day before the incident.”

According to the police, Deeraj spotted his brother-in-law near his house. He then chased him with an axe before chopping his head and arms off.

Deeraj was on his way to the police station with Brijesh’s severed head when he was stopped by locals, who then informed the police.

Deeraj is now under arrest for murder under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

The police have also recovered Brijesh’s body and the axe used to behead him.

Honour killings tend to be committed by male family members against members of the family who are believed to have brought dishonour to the family.

Moreover, female family members are often the victims of honour killings.

Just recently, an Indian father was arrested for beheading his teenage daughter due to him not approving of her boyfriend.

The incident occurred on March 3, 2021, when locals saw Sarvesh Kumar carrying his daughter’s severed head through the streets of Pandetara in Uttar Pradesh.

Kumar admitted to the beheading without hesitation.

He told the police that he killed his 17-year-old daughter, Neelam, with a sharp object because he was unhappy with her choice of partner.

Kumar said:

“I did it. There was no one else. I closed the latch and did it. The body is in the room.”

After searching the family home, the police found the victim’s body.

According to Kumar, he would have also killed his daughter’s lover if he was able to track him down.

He was then arrested and taken into custody.

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