Indian Wife lets Husband marry Ex-GF & Live with Them

In Andhra Pradesh, a woman let her husband marry his ex-girlfriend. The trio have now decided to live together.

Indian Wife lets Husband marry Ex-GF & Live with Them f

she agreed to let Kalyan marry his ex-girlfriend

It was reported that an Indian woman allowed her husband to marry his former girlfriend and now, the trio live together.

The matter happened at Ambedkar Nagar of Dakkili in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Video content creator Kalyan married Vimala in 2020 after meeting her on social media.

Before their marriage, Kalyan was in a long-distance relationship with another woman named Nithya Sree, an influencer from Visakhapatnam.

However, they split up due to unknown circumstances.

The pair had become popular on social media, amassing a large following on sites such as YouTube.

Nithya ended up moving to his neighbourhood.

When Vimala found out about her husband’s previous relationship, she agreed to let Kalyan marry his ex-girlfriend, even though there is no legal authorisation to the union.

In the presence of Vimala, Kalyan married Nithya at a local temple.

Following the wedding, the trio posed for photographs.

The pictures went viral and social media users posted messages of congratulations.

One person said: “If you marry one woman, she will fight with you. If you marry more than one, she’ll fight for you. New thoughts, old ties.”

Since getting married, Kalyan and his two wives live together in Andhra Pradesh.

In India, there have been a number of cases where spouses have allowed each other to marry their lovers.

In a previous case, a husband divorced his wife so that she could marry her lover.

Bikash Sahoo was married to Sagarika Mohanty and they had a daughter.

Due to Bikash’s plumbing job, he was frequently away for work.

During his long absence, his wife had developed a relationship with Suresh Lenka.

The couple continued their relationship until Bikash’s parents spotted them together at her home.

They immediately informed their son about the extramarital affair.

Bikash came back to the village from Kolkata and confronted his wife and her lover.

He was shocked to hear his wife’s response to the situation.

She told him that she wanted to marry Suresh and even cited that the Supreme Court had ruled that adultery was no longer a criminal offence.

He decided to divorce his wife so that she could marry her lover.

Bikash also returned some of the gifts he was given during their marriage.

He said: “I divorced my wife through an affidavit before the notary public at Aul (Odisha) on November 1.

“I called Sagarika’s parents and asked them to arrange her marriage with Suresh.

“I returned a two-wheeler and other materials which her parents had gifted me at the time of marriage. My wife took our daughter.”

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