Pakistani Father sells Daughter aged 12 & Lets Buyer Rape Her

A Pakistani father from the city of Kasur sold his 12-year-old daughter. He later gave the buyer permission to rape the child.

Pakistani Father sells Daughter aged 12 & Lets Buyer Rape Her f

her father had sold her to a man and let him sexually abuse her.

A Pakistani father has been arrested for selling his 12-year-old daughter to a man who later attempted to rape her. The incident happened in Kasur, Punjab.

It was reported that the unnamed man sold his daughter for approximately Rs. 500 (£2.45). Police also arrested the man who bought the child.

Both suspects had initially gone on the run but were arrested after police raids were conducted and their whereabouts were located.

The incident came to light when the child’s mother called the police on January 5, 2020.

She told police that her husband had called an unknown man to their house and offered him their daughter in exchange for a payment.

After receiving the money, the father let the man sexually abuse their daughter.

The mother had been at work when the horrific sexual abuse took place.

When she returned home, the girl explained that her father had sold her to a man and let him sexually abuse her. Meanwhile, both suspects went on the run.

Based on the woman’s statement, police filed a criminal case against the two suspects.

Zahid Nawaz Marwat, Divisional Police Officer (DPO) led a police team to investigate and arrest the two suspects.

Meanwhile, the girl was taken to hospital for a medical examination. Doctors concluded that an attempted rape had taken place.

After numerous raids, the Pakistani father and the buyer were both arrested.

It was revealed that the buyer was previously charged with child abuse in 2013 but was released without punishment.

The two men were charged with rape as well as buying and selling for the purposes of prostitution.

Following their arrests, police remained alert after a list went viral on social media, which named more than 100 people and declared them as touts.

Touts are people who are patrons of prostitution and criminals involved in prostitution.

The list included names of influential people including local political figures, lawyers and reporters.

These ‘touts’ often get arrested suspects released after taking some money from the aggrieved party and sharing it with police.

Initially, it was reported that the list had been prepared by the district police. However, in an official handout, the department denied its issuance.

The statement also said that police would prepare a list of touts after detailed investigations and verification.

The department denied responsibility for the list on social media and stated that touts in police stations would be banned.

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