Indian Wife & Father-in-Law having Affair kill Husband

An Indian wife and her father-in-law from Punjab killed her husband as they believed he would get in the way of their illicit relationship.

Indian Wife & Father-in-Law having Affair kill Husband f

The pair subsequently came up with a plan to kill him.

Police have arrested an Indian wife and her father-in-law after they murdered her husband.

The incident happened in the village of Musa, Punjab.

The murder case became even more shocking when it was revealed that the woman was having an affair with her own father-in-law.

The pair killed the victim as they believed he was an obstacle in their illicit relationship.

Police have identified the victim as Jagjit Singh, a 25-year-old man from Mansa village.

His father, Bhola Singh, was having an affair with his wife Jaspreet Kaur.

They both felt that Jagjit was an obstacle in their relationship. The pair subsequently came up with a plan to kill him.

One night, the two lovers stabbed Jagjit to death. In a bid to get rid of evidence and to evade police suspicion, they got rid of the body by cremating it.

However, officers at Sadar Police Station received a tip-off about the murder and subsequent cremation.

Police registered a case and identified that the victim was Jagjit. They then arrested the Indian wife and her father-in-law.

Senior Superintendent of Police Surendra Lamba explained that they had received information that a man was murdered and cremated by his wife and father.

As a result, they started an investigation under Section 302.

During questioning, police found out that Jaspreet and Bhola had been having an affair and decided to kill Jagjit as they felt he was hindering their illicit relationship.

After killing him with a sharp weapon, the two lovers cremated the body in an attempt to get rid of any evidence.

Jaspreet and Bhola remain in custody. Meanwhile, the investigation is still continuing.

In another affair incident involving family members, a woman murdered her seven-year-old son after he found out that she was having an affair with her brother-in-law.

The woman’s husband, Balwant Singh, filed a complaint against his wife when he suspected that she was responsible.

The woman was identified as Poona Devi. Police were told that she was having an affair with her brother-in-law Seva Kumar.

Both Devi and Kumar were subsequently taken into police custody.

One day, seven-year-old Vinay walked in on his mother in a compromising position with her lover.

Fearing that he would tell the rest of the family, Devi and Kumar grabbed the boy and killed him. Devi and Kumar then took the body and dumped it in a forest.

Mr Singh later found out that his son was missing and filed a missing person complaint with the police.

Officers registered a case and began a search. Police later found Vinay’s body and launched a murder investigation.

Mr Singh told police that his wife was the last person who saw their son alive.

Devi and Kumar were later arrested when officers found inconsistencies in their statements.

Following their arrests, the entire family was shocked by Devi’s alleged responsibility in her son’s murder.

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