Indian Husband having Affair kills Wife over Property

An Indian husband from Uttar Pradesh murdered his wife over a property dispute. It was revealed he was also having an affair.

Indian Husband having Affair kills Wife over Property f

"The accused had an illicit affair with the Mathura-based woman."

A police case has been registered against an Indian husband after he murdered his wife. The incident happened in Firozabad district, Uttar Pradesh.

It was reported that the perpetrator was a police constable. He killed his wife by shooting her several times.

The murder had stemmed from a property dispute between the husband and wife.

Police identified the accused as Yatendra Kumar Yadav. Following the killing, he took his three daughters and went on the run.

Police have said that Yadav murdered his wife, Saroj Yadav, at their home in Shikohabad.

Yadav was originally from the village of Awapura. It was revealed that he had only joined the police unit in March 2020.

Prior to that, he had been suspended from the police force for six months after a case was registered against him in Mathura.

Yadav was accused of kidnapping a woman in order to force her into marrying him.

The allegations were dropped after the woman gave a statement, saying the upcoming marriage was consensual. Yadav had been having an affair with the woman.

He intended to sell his house so that he could settle down with his lover.

Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar said:

“The accused had an illicit affair with the Mathura-based woman.

“Prima facie it seems, the accused was pressuring the victim to sell off the house so that he could use that money to settle with the Mathura woman.”

The newly constructed house was in the name of Saroj and the property was worth around Rs. 40 Lakh (£42,000).

Saroj refused Yadav’s demand to sell the house which led to the Indian husband allegedly killing her.

SP Kumar added: “There were multiple superficial injury marks on the woman’s body, indicating that the accused had tortured the woman before shooting her dead.

“The victim’s parents claimed that Yatendra often used to assault and mentally harass Saroj.”

“Our several teams are working on the case, to trace down the accused and the three kids.”

The victim’s father, Ramprakash, said: “Since Saturday we were trying to contact Saroj. For the last few months, she was in deep distress, as Yatendra wanted to have a second marriage with the Mathura woman.

“On Sunday night, Yatendra called my son Goluram and informed that Saroj was lying dead in a pool of blood.”

The family called the police and they went to the house. They managed to get inside where they found Saroj’s body.

SP Kumar added: “We still don’t know, as when Saroj was shot dead. We are waiting for the autopsy report. Probably Yatendra killed her on Sunday.”

Officer in-charge Yogendra Pal said: “Yatendra completed his last duty on Saturday night till 8 pm, but on Sunday he was absent without leave.”

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