Indian Wife kills Husband over Discovery of her Affair

An Indian wife strangled her husband to death following an argument after he found out about her extramarital affair.

Indian Wife kills Husband over Discovery of her Affair f

"the deceased’s wife had an affair which he suspected"

An Indian wife has been arrested for killing her husband after he found out about her affair.

The incident happened in the city of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Police identified the accused as Mamta while the victim was named Ramkumar. It was reported that they had been married for 10 years.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Noida) Ankita Sharma said Ramkumar would often get drunk and argue with his wife, beating her also.

DCP Sharma added: “Surajpur police received information early Thursday that a man named Ramkumar has been found dead in Devla village.

“Following a preliminary investigation, we found that the deceased’s wife had an affair which he suspected, often leading to fights between the two.

“The deceased would get drunk and would beat the accused during such fights.

“On the intervening night of August 10 and 11, the deceased was beating the accused during one such fight.

“The accused, in a fit of rage, ended up strangling the deceased with her dupatta and bashed his head against the wall.”

Ramkumar had known about his wife’s affair for a while.

Avdhesh Kumar, Station House Officer at Surajpur Police Station, said:

“The accused used to work in an industrial unit as a labourer where she became acquainted with a man who worked there.

“They eventually came close and stayed in touch for over two years.

“The accused quit her job after she had a child, but the two still stayed in touch.

“The deceased knew about their relationship and would allegedly berate her.”

Police said the couple lived in an apartment block, adding that it was the landlord who informed officers about the incident.

SHO Kumar said: “We received a call at around 2-2:30 am on Thursday about the incident and a police team from Surajpur Police Station reached the spot immediately.”

The Indian wife was arrested on August 12, 2022, after a complaint was filed by Ramkumar’s relatives.

An FIR under Section 302(Punishment for murder) of the Indian Penal has been registered against the accused.

Police also recovered the dupatta that was used to strangle the victim.

Incidents like this may be shocking but unfortunately, they are not uncommon.

In 2020, a man was arrested after he killed his younger brother and niece with an axe after discovering that his brother was having an affair with his wife.

Police identified the perpetrator as Shankar Gond while the victims were named as Sushil and Sanjana.

Officers found out about the affair when they spoke to Shankar’s wife.

She admitted that she had taken food to give to Sushil at night, however, when she entered the room, the two lovers ended up having sex.

Shankar found out about his wife’s affair when he entered the room and found them in a compromising position.

Out of anger, he slapped his younger brother. At approximately 1:45 am, Shankar took an axe and began attacking his younger brother.

Sanjana heard what was happening and tried to intervene but she was also attacked.

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