Indian Man kills Younger Brother for Affair with Wife

In a shocking incident, an Indian man from Madhya Pradesh murdered his younger brother for having an affair with his wife.

Indian Man kills Younger Brother for Affair with Wife f

the victims were killed by someone they knew.

Police have arrested an Indian man for killing his younger brother and four-year-old niece with an axe.

The horrific double murder happened in the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

It was revealed that the murder happened after the man found out that his brother was having an affair with his wife.

Police identified the perpetrator as Shankar Gond while the victims were named as Sushil and Sanjana.

According to Superintendent Siddharth Bahuguna, the double murder came to light on the morning of June 30, 2020, when a crowd gathered outside Sushil’s house.

The village leader explained that someone had used a sharp weapon to kill Sushil and his daughter.

The police were subsequently called and a team comprising of ASP Sanjeev Uike, ASP Gopal Khandel, CSP Rohit Kashwani, DSP PK Jain, CSP Ravi Chauhan and DSP JP Sony.

Officers immediately knew that the victims were killed by someone they knew.

It was revealed that Sanjana was killed shortly after her father. The investigation came to a conclusion after police noticed a difference in statements by the family members.

Officers found out about the affair when they spoke to Shankar’s wife.

She admitted that she had taken food to give to Sushil at night, however, when she entered the room, the two lovers ended up having sex.

The Indian man found out about his wife’s affair when he entered the room and found them in a compromising position.

Out of anger, he slapped his younger brother. At approximately 1:45 am, Shankar took an axe and began attacking his younger brother.

Sanjana heard what was happening and tried to intervene but she was also attacked.

An axe was found and police subsequently arrested Shankar. Following the conclusion of the investigation, the police team were rewarded with Rs. 10,000 (£107) for their swift action into the matter.

There have been numerous cases of people killing family members over their infidelity in India.

In one particularly shocking case, two brothers beheaded their sister after finding out about her affair.

Gul Hassan and Nanhe Mian were shocked to find their sister, Phool Jehan, was romantically involved with a cousin.

The two brothers did not approve of the relationship and punished her by beating her. They later beheaded her.

They abandoned her body on the street and paraded through the village with her head for almost an hour.

According to villagers, the brothers made comments, justifying their actions.

The police were called and a case was registered.

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