Indian Brother Shot Recently Married Younger Brother

In a shocking incident, an Indian brother from a village in Punjab shot his younger brother who had recently got married.

Indian Brother Shot Recently Married Younger Brother f

One of the bullets ended up hitting Talwinder

A police case has been registered after an Indian brother shot his recently married younger brother dead.

The shocking incident happened in the Punjab village of Aulakh.

It was revealed that the victim got married in January 2020. His wife Rajvir Kaur said that she married Talwinder Singh on January 5.

It was revealed that Talwinder wanted to move abroad. He got into a relationship with Rajvir after speaking to her relative.

She had family overseas. Prior to their marriage, they decided that they would move to Ontario, Canada, where her brother lived.

After completing her physics degree, Rajvir saved money for their move abroad.

Although preparations had been made for the couple to move to Canada, it was postponed due to the lockdown.

She explained that her husband’s elder brother Naginder Singh and his wife Gurdeep lived at the house. Rajvir said that her savings were kept with Naginder.

She went on to say that Naginder would often get into arguments with his wife.

In her statement to police, Rajvir said that she was working in the kitchen on May 15, 2020, when she heard an argument between her husband and Naginder.

During the row, the Indian brother took out his licensed gun and started firing at Talwinder while verbally abusing him.

One of the bullets ended up hitting Talwinder, killing him instantly.

It is not known what the argument was about or what was said that made Naginder shoot his brother.

Inspector Harjit Singh Mann, SHO of Sadar Mallot Police Station, stated that a murder case has been registered against Naginder and his wife based on a statement from Rajvir.

He said that efforts are being made to arrest the two suspects.

Meanwhile, Rajvir has said that a funeral will not take place until the suspects have been arrested.

Murders involving siblings are shocking but are unfortunately not uncommon.

In a separate incident, Aidan Ram Ghanchi killed his elder brother Mangi Lal Ghanchi after suspecting that he was having an affair with his wife.

According to officers, Aidan Ram believed that his elder brother was having an affair with his wife. The suspicions eventually prompted the man to come up with a plan to kill Mangi Lal.

After dinner, Mangi Lal went to his bedroom. During the night, Aidan Ram got up and grabbed a sharp farming tool from his tractor before going into his brother’s room.

He stabbed Mangi Lal in the head numerous times before leaving the room. The victim sustained serious head injuries, which led to his death as a result of intense bleeding.

Family members called the police after discovering the body of Mangi Lal, which was covered in blood.

A murder investigation was launched and officers managed to locate Aidan Ram.

When questioned at the police station, the suspect confessed to murdering his elder brother.

He explained to officers that he carried out the murder after becoming suspicious that Mangi Lal was having an illicit relationship with his wife.

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