Pakistani Man kills Brother for Having an ‘Affair’ with his Wife

A Pakistani man has been arrested in connection with the ‘honour killing’ of his younger brother after accusing him of having ‘illicit relations’ with his wife.

pakistani brother murder

A murder case was then registered against the suspected brother

A young Pakistani man was murdered in Karachi’s Ittehad Town on July 20, 2018, by his brother, in a case which is being viewed as an ‘honour killing’.

The youth, named Kashif, who was aged 24, was stabbed to death by his brother for allegedly having ‘illicit relations’ with his wife.

According to police, the stabbing took place inside their home in Block 2 of Abidabad, a neighbourhood of Baldia Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

After stabbing Kasif, the brother then immediately disappeared from the crime scene.

Later he was tracked down and arrested by police.

Then while the brother was in custody of the police, he told them that he killed his brother because he was having a sexual affair with his wife.

A murder case was then registered against the suspected brother after a complaint was filed by a third brother, known as Majid.

With large numbers of ‘honour killings’ taking place in Pakistan, especially related to women who have brought ‘shame’ on their family, this case of the ‘honour killing’ being of a man, highlights that significance of honour irrespective of gender.

Another case in 2017 took place Punjab, Pakistan, where a 43-year-old man, named Aurangzaib, a native of Mian Dehri village of Ghazi town, had been stoned to death.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 1016 cases of honour killings have been registered between July 2016 and July 2018.

There were 339 male cases and 767 female cases, showing that women cases are almost double those of men. The killings included the use of knives, weapons, electrocution, strangulation and poison and firearms against the victims.

These ‘honour killings’ are still being seen as a justified way of dealing with misdemeanours which shed a bad light on the reputation of a family, despite new laws being introduced in Pakistan to deal with such atrocities.

One key change in the law for honour killings was that of changes to prison sentencing. Previously, a minimum sentence was 10 years but the new law changes this to life imprisonment. However, it needs to be noted that life imprisonment in Pakistan is a mere 12.5 years.

Rural areas still use ‘honour killings’ significantly as a way of resolving issues and do pride themselves on using this ‘traditional’ way of settling matters.

This has resulted in the killings not reducing in the name of ‘honour’. The perpetrators of honour crimes in Pakistan are not deterred by the changes in the law, be it against a woman or man, as demonstrated by this case of a man killing his own brother in the name of ‘honour’.

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