Indian Dad hangs Daughters & Sends Photos to Wife having Affair

An Indian father murdered his own two daughters and then took photos of them to send to his wife who had eloped after having an alleged affair.

Indian Dad hangs Daughters & Sends Photos to Wife having Affair f

Rishikant's family, Pragati's in-laws, are blaming her for the deaths

In a shocking case of jealousy, Rishikant Kudupalli, aged 40, a college teacher, hung his two young daughters, 18-month-old Kartiki and six-year-old Narayani and then sent photos on WhatsApp of them to his wife who was having an alleged affair.

Rishikant from Ballarpur in Maharashtra was extremely upset and jealous that his wife, Pragati, had eloped with a local driver.

So, to seek a twisted form of revenge, he also killed himself after murdering his daughters on the morning of Tuesday, April 2, 2019, according to police.

Rishikant’s family, Pragati’s in-laws, are blaming her for the deaths and police have registered a case of murder and abetment to suicide against her and the alleged lover.

Reports say that Pragati was having an affair and left Rishikant with their daughters, deserting them some days ago.

Rishikant and his family then went on a search to see if they could find her and convince her to come back home.

However, after locating her, she refused and did not want to return home with them.

Police official Sunil Kamble told media that being angry over Pragati’s affair, he committed the double murder of his children at about 1 am on April 2, 2019, as disclosed by his brother.

Rishikant choked and hung both of his daughters and then sent the images of them to his wife, after which he took his own life.

Upon receiving the photos on WhatsApp of her daughters, Pragati was in utter shock and disbelief.

Seeing the bodies of her daughters at their family home, a horrified Pragati, immediately contacted her father.

Pragati’s father then alerted Rishikant’s brother.

The brother then rushed to the house in Ballarpur and started to bang on the door but no one was answering.

By that time neighbours joined in and helped to break down the front door. Upon entering the house they discovered all three bodies of the father and two daughters.

The police were then called who arrived at the crime scene and were informed of the deaths and what took place by the brother.

With the case registered against the mother and her lover under several sections of the Indian Penal Code including murder, abetment to suicide and torture, police are on the hunt to track them down.

Police official Sunil Kamble said: “They are currently absconding and we have launched a search operation for them.”

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