Indian Husband hangs Wife who was going to ‘Run Away’

An Indian husband from Bihar horrifically murdered his wife by hanging her after he found out that she planned to run away.

Indian Husband hangs Wife who was going to Run Away f

he tied a rope around her neck and hung her.

An Indian husband has been arrested for the murder of his wife. The shocking incident happened in the town of Naubatpur, Bihar.

The man strangled his wife before using a rope to hang her.

It was revealed that he killed her after finding out that she was going to run away with someone else.

Police identified the victim as 20-year-old Shobha Kumari while the suspect was named as Shrevanand Kumar.

The incident came to light on Monday, March 9, 2020, when the family discovered Shobha’s body. The police were informed and they arrived at the scene.

Shobha’s body was then sent for a post-mortem.

The victim’s grandfather, Shivlal Prasad explained that his granddaughter had been married to Shrevanand since 2018.

However, he went on to say that their marriage was an unhappy one.

Since her marriage, the in-laws had been demanding motorcycles for dowry. Since she could not give them what they wanted, they constantly harassed her.

Shobha’s family had been staying at the house and on Sunday, March 8, 2020, they had dinner and later went to bed.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of Monday morning, Shobha and Shrevanand reportedly got into an argument. The row led to the young woman confessing that she planned to run away with another man.

This angered the Indian husband and he began strangling his wife. After she went unconscious, he tied a rope around her neck and hung her.

The incident woke Shivlal up. He had heard the sound of screaming before the sound of furniture falling down.

He got out of bed and approached his granddaughter’s room. As he opened the door, Shrevanand pushed him out of the way and fled.

Shivlal saw Shobha’s body lying on the floor with the rope still tied around her neck.

He alerted the rest of the family and also informed the police.

After Shivlal explained that Shobha was killed by her husband, a murder case was registered against Shrevanand.

Although an investigation was underway, later that day, Shrevanand went to the police station and confessed that he had killed his wife.

When the police questioned him, he said that Shobha planned to run away with someone else. Her admission had angered him so he decided to kill her.

Shrevanand was arrested and taken into custody while the investigation continues to determine what actually happened.

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